Just Ducky


Ducks are lucky Don't you think?
When they want to Take a drink,
All they do is Duck their bill.
(Doesn't matter If they spill.)

                                   - Mary Ann Hoberman

Back when Christian and I were just dating and long before Izzy was even thought of, we used to love to feed the ducks at fairmount Park. We'd go to the store and pick up three or four loaves of bread to feed the birds. We would make up little games. Like wadding up the bread and throwing it as hard and far as we could to see which bird would get it first. Or we'd pull the middle out of a slice and play 'Ring around the gooseneck.' When I was pregnant with Izzy we often talked about how we couldn't wait to take her to see the ducks. We finally got our chance today. 


  It was a little nippy that day so i put Izzy in my coat.


  Daddy feeds the ducks & geese.




 Finally a picture of mommy and daddy together.

 (Truth be told we couldn't angle the camera correctly to get Izzy in the shot :P)


 Judging by this smile, I think Izzy enjoyed the

 ducks as much as her daddy and I do!