How NOT to train for a half-marathon


Today is my 'runniversary'! 

One year ago today, I decided to take this running stuff seriously and I started the nine-week program, Couch to 5k. Seven weeks later, I would run my first 5k with my friends Amanda and Jen (thank you, ladies!). Since then, I've run several timed 5k's, a 10-miler, an obstacle course, and just two weeks ago, a half marathon. 
I have to confess, I did not properly train for the half marathon (which I will recap in another post). I probably did more wrong than I did correctly. So today I am going to share with you...

In other words: Do everything the exact opposite of the way I did it. Except for the ice cream. If you are going to run a half-marathon, you deserve a turtle sundae now and then.