Recipe: Vodka Gummi Bears

My bestie's husband is one of those people that I have a hard time shopping for. His hobbies are either beyond my comprehension (he's a mechanic and into car stuff) or beyond our means (tropical vacation anyone?). This year I was at a complete loss as to what to give him for Christmas. I started going through the list of his favorite things. High up on the list are his affinity for candy and alcohol.

Hey! My favorite things are candy and alcohol!

What would I want someone to give me?

Inspiration struck - Vodka soaked Gummi Bears!

One large pickle jar

A big ass bottle of vodka

Apples (optional, just adds another flavor) 

A small bottle of flavored vodka (your choice, I use whipped cream)

One sleeve of Crystal Light fruit punch mix or any instant drink or juice
(optional - but highly suggested. It keeps things sweet rather than alcohol-y)

A shit-ton of gummie bears

Now this is the part where I should say that I was making, well, a shit-ton of these. You can adjust the recipe according to how many gummies you'd like to make. That could be half a shit-ton or maybe just a crap-ton - which is like a quarter shit-ton. But I suggest you just go ahead and make a shit-ton.

Next you dump all your gummies into the jar. 
Throw some apple slices in there as well as the packet of drink mix or juice of your choice.

I suggest leaving a few gummies aside so that you can compare the amazing growing power of vodka. Why we don't give this stuff to kids is beyond me!
Now dump all that vodka in there. Don't be shy! You want it to cover all the gummies.
Put the lid on and as G Love would say "Please stick it in the fridge".

Here's the hard part: waiting. Oh my god the waiting. 
I was able to hold out for about three days before I did a taste test. At this point the gummi still had a hard center while the outside had become super soft (though not pasty or broken down like you might expect).

I let the mixture sit for about 3-4 more days, turning it and shaking it up every 24 hours. Little by little the liquid began to disappear. What thirsty little bears they are!

Finally I did another taste test and also took the opportunity to compare sizes. The gummies tasted awesome and had quite a kick. You know that instantly warm feeling you get from an entire adult dose of Nyquil? Yeah, totally got that off of one gummi.

Check out the size difference after one week in the mixture!

Since a lot of the vodka had been absorbed, and being the button pusher that I am, I decided to see how much these little bears would soak up and I added more vodka.

I let another week pass. We may or may not have fed some of these to the dog. The dog may or may not have gotten drunk from it and arrested for public lewdness.

This is two weeks in the mixture. Gummi bear obesity!

And this, this is three weeks in the mixture:

Hahaha nah, I'm just screwing with you. That's a giant gummi that my friend Stephanie gave to me last year. But that bad boy is going into the sludge next.

The gummies were a huge hit and I've been put in charge of making them for all future parties. I say why wait for a party? Make them now!

Let me know if you try this and what concoction you come up with! And keep them out of your kid's reach!