Yes we did!


Izzy would like to congratulate President-elect Barack Obama on his victory!

Mommy and daddy took Izzy to the polls for this historic election.

We walked in the rain to our polling place - the high school across from our development. Izzy really seemed to enjoy the drizzle. She squealed and chirped all the way there. Obviously she was very excited to be a part of the Democratic process but I think her new ride had more to do with her chirping. Christian's brother gave us their backpack carrier and we finally pulled it out of the closet for her.

All the ladies running the polls just loved Izzy. Unfortunately they would not let me take a picture inside the polling place. She went into the booth with daddy to help him push all the right buttons. Because she was in the backpack, she didn't really fit in the booth. So daddy's ballot wasn't quite as secret as it should have been. :)

What a great year. A new baby, the Phillies won the World Series (though that one is more important to Christian) and we will soon have a new president (better yet, Sarah Palin is not a heartbeat away from a presidency). Now if the Eagle's can make it to the Super Bowl and we get a winning Powerball ticket, this year will be perfect! (it will be even more perfect if mommy can drop 50lbs seemingly overnight. But I wont press my luck!)