Conversations with my husband

Christian and I often talk over IM (when he is home) or via text message when he is at work. Usually its little things like 'We need milk' or talking about our favorite morning show, Preston & Steve, as we listen to it.Every once in a while, we have conversations that truly demonstrate what a couple of sickos we are.

This is one of my favorites from January of last year:

christianB: (2:46:20 PM) hmm., not sure i should tell you this
christianB: (2:46:37 PM) i put izzy on the bed n went to make her bottle
mommabrown: (2:46:53 PM) ok...
christianB: (2:46:55 PM) lol i come back to check on her, shes sittin on her ass on the floor happily lookin around
mommabrown: (2:47:11 PM) omg. i guess she rolled off?
christianB: (2:48:52 PM) i think she slid down to the floor cuz the comforter was over the edge to the floor
christianB: (2:49:06 PM) an there was no sound
mommabrown: (2:49:29 PM) if a baby rolls of a bed and there's no one around, does it make a sound?
christianB: (2:49:31 PM) i come back an im like WTF you doin on the floor
mommabrown: (2:50:15 PM) nice
christianB: (2:50:22 PM) oh and her one eye fell out
mommabrown: (2:50:25 PM) jackass
christianB: (2:50:27 PM) then tai ate it
mommabrown: (2:50:32 PM) shut up!

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  1. you win the "oddball IM's with your SO" award. but for today only. i'm sure my DH will IM something about wanting to murder all of his employees and go into specific detail about how he'd "snuff" each one.