headed to chocolate town!

this is me right now:

this is me worrying about my first over night trip away from izzy. this is me having a stomach ache because i am afraid i will miss something. this is me already trying to plan the return trip home so i can get back as soon as possible but not seem like an obsessive freak to my friend i will be road tripping with. this is me, freaking the F out over something i should be excited about.


I am taking a road trip to hershey, pa with one of my closest friends, kiely, to see one of our favorite artists, ben folds. i am not at all worried about taking a road trip with kiely. heck, we survived the hell beast together (a nasty, nasty freak of a housemate). we can survive anything together - even a road trip. maybe.

will she be able to sense my freaking out? probably. will she tolerate it? boy,do i hope so.

izzy will be fine. i know this to be a fact. she is in the hands of her very capable father. but i swear if she has some kind of major milestone while i am gone like pooping in the potty or writing her first haiku, i swear to you i will drown in a river of tears and never leave the house without her again.

i am trying to get excited about this trip. i love ben and as an added bonus katie miller-heidke will be there too! My friend has helped to get me a little excited at the prospect of Ben doing chatroulette while on stage. He did it at a show in North Carolina. it was pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

so wish me luck. i know izzy will survive...but will i?


  1. Don't worry Momma you will do fine, I promise!! Just tell C to duct tape her butt closed so she won't poo in the pot :)

    And I am so very jealous that you get to see Ben :)

  2. You'll be fine! Try to not to worry about her and have a great time. I am jealous!