Visiting Pop-pop (aka my dad) at work

My dad worked at General Motors for as long as i can remember. He didn't have the kind of job where you could go and visit him for lunch or pop into his office and surprise him. I vaguely remember two separate occasions that I actually got to go inside the plant. Once was during an open house. I want to say it was during Halloween - but i don't truly remember. What i do remember is that someone in the plant built this crane over this huge bucket of candy. From that point on i believed that my dad ate candy at work all the time and i was sooooooo jealous. And then my dad told me about how they ride bikes around the plant or use golf carts to get around the plant. That is when i got really jealous. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that for a job all the time? I want to roll around on a golf cart all day eating candy!
When the local plant closed last year, it put my dad out of a job and at a loss for what to do next. He was at that job for nearly 30 years. He decided to start his own business but for tax purposes won't actually open his business until the new year. So until then he is working at a golf range. I took izzy to see her pop-pop all dressed up in her Halloween costume since he would be out of town and wouldn't get to see her on Halloween. Since we can do that now. :)






I think my dad was pretty pleased with the surprise visit. :)