Surprises in the mail


My Mother in Law is awesome. Like, all the time. She is sweet, she cares, she is generous and the most important quality a mother in law can have, she doesn't meddle. If I want her two cents, I have to ask for it. All are traits that I hope to have when I am a mother in law one day.

Today we came home to two packages in the mail from her. One was labeled for C and the other for Izzy and myself. C's contained some wrapped Christmas gifts we put away for later. My package contained two of the sweetest dresses I have ever seen. One brown and one blue smocked dresses that my mother in law wore as a child. They we accompanied by this note:

Kelly & Izzy,
I remember always being in trouble when I came home from a 
day at school. I would play 'horsey' (the sashes on the dresses 
being the reigns, of course) and they would get pulled out. 
Perhaps  that  is why they are sewn on outside the seam.

If Izzy can wear them, you can hem them to the 
proper length - you'll see they've been let down repeatedly.

Let the 'reigns' come off - they are not difficult to sew back on.

Izzy, be Nana's girl and run and have fun!
Love to you both, Nana

The dresses are in near perfect condition. There are some tears on the sleeve of the brown dress and the blue one has a pen ink stain on the sash. I can probably get some of the tiny stain out and I might have my mother replace the sleeves. Otherwise, I can't believe how well they have been cared for. They are a little large but they fit Izzy pretty well. I am glad they are too big - more time for her to wear them. :) And they have lots of length for hemming.

I love, love, love having a little girl. But these are the times I really love having a little girl.



Thanks Barbara! We love the dresses and I know I will love passing them onto my granddaughter one day as well.