Y3W: The personality test


Like any other parent, I have big hopes for my child. I hope that she does well in school and that she is successful in her relationships. I hope she puts effort into goals and has the wherewithal to pick herself up and dust herself off when she runs into trouble. I hope she is independent but knows when to let others care for her. I hope she is strong in character and stands up for what she knows is right and wrong yet I hope she is sympathetic to other people's circumstances. I hope she always has an open mind and a forgiving heart but doesn't let people walk all over her. I hope that she does things in life that are fulfilling and make her happy without coming at the expense of others. I hope that no matter how old she gets, she always keeps a piece of her childhood spirit with her. I hope that she laughs more than she cries.

In short, I hope she is a well-rounded individual.

One thing that I know for sure is that Izzy is a big personality. She is the first to comfort someone when they are upset. She is the first one to do something silly to make you laugh. Even for a two year old, you can see that she is very much in tune to people's emotions. Are they all like this? I don't think Izzy is the second coming of Mother Theresa or anything - I just don't recall ever knowing a two year old that is so tender-hearted toward others. Alternately she knows what she wants and like any member of the Terrible Two Club she digs her heels in until she either gets it or gets a time out. This kid already has sarcasm down to a fine art - as much as a two year old can. She is funny, she is bossy, she is loud and she knows how to make the 'you are freaking kidding me, right?' face. Izzy is the kind of kid that makes the room feel like its filled with twenty kids even if she is the only one there.

Having a big personality is a blessing and a curse. People usually end up really loving you or really hating you. There isn't a lot of middle ground and quite often you have to find a way to accept that you may not be everyone's cup of tea. It can be a hard road having a big personality. You have to find a way to make it work with you and not against you. You have to remember to stay in touch with your humble side so that you are not pegged as the diva, pushy, self absorbed or so confident that people think you don't need them. Having a big personality can be simultaneously fulfilling and lonely if you don't play your cards just right.

I think the world has big plans for Izzy and her big personality. I'm no stage mother and I have no plans to push Izzy in any particular direction. I know C and I will try to guide her as best we can, after all, that's our job now. We'll hold her up and encourage her to do what keeps her happy and safe. We'll do what we can to help her avoid the pit falls of life and help heal the wounds from the battles she doesn't win. Ultimately we want her to find her own path and not feel pressured to fulfill the dreams we were unable to accomplish.

But I have to admit when I daydream about Izzy's future, I can't help but see her doing huge things. Hob-nobbing with people that gain a level of success that is unfathomable to the average person. I don't know who she will be or when it will happen or how it will manifest. And the world may never know her name but people will be a part of things she has set in motion. They will say 'gosh, whoever thought of this is one smart cookie'. Or maybe she will be one of those people that touches many lives by simple acts. An every day super hero walking around disguised as an average person. I think that would be immensely impressive as well.

Whatever Izzy does in her life, I know we will be proud. I am anxious to watch her personality develop and see her navigate through life. I wonder what parts of my daydreams will come to fruition or if they happen at all. I have a lot of hopes for a life that is just getting started. But my biggest hope is that one day, after C and I are gone, Izzy will look back and be proud of who she is and what she has done. Also that she finds the Gayle to her Oprah. But no Steadman - that dude is kinda weird.