and then I got sad

I know she's growing up. I know its just the way things go. You have the tiny baby, then they are not so tiny but they are still your baby. Then they are even less tiny and they are half your height and they are dressing themselves and holding entire conversations and putting away their toys (sometimes) and caring for the pets and practically moving out of the house and OH MY GOD SOMEBODY HOLD ME!

But this is what we do. We have the babies, we grow the babies and we watch the time pour out of the hourglass and drown our hopes of keeping them babies forever. siiiiggggghhhhh.

I really have a love/hate relationship with this whole growing up thing. Its so cool to watch Izzy navigate her way through life. But when you go from this:

to this in a year in a half:

it's bound to break your heart a little.

I would like to point out the painted nails. She actually requested that I paint her nails for her photos today. She deliberated over five painfully similar shades of pink for nearly ten minutes before choosing this shade.

I'll just be over here with my tissues if anyone needs me.