Last Friday, my friend Stephanie took a train from Philly to Wilmington to meet me and my family. When I picked her up from the train station - it was so funny - all the nerves I had about meeting her in person were instantly gone. [Before Friday, Stephanie and I had only ever 'talked' online and never met in person.] I no longer worried about whether we would actually like each other in person, if we really had a lot in common or if we'd run out of things to talk about over our long weekend together. I instantly clicked with her and was so happy and grateful that she decided to take this trip up north from Florida. We went through the standard barrage of questions: How was your flight? How was the train? Were you able to figure things out okay? How far are we from Philly now? Is my husband going to need to file a missing persons report?

But the question that delighted me the most was 'What is Wawa?'.

Short version: Wawa is amazing.
Long version: It's technically a 'convenience store' a la 7-11 or Circle K - but Wawa puts those establishments to shame. I mean really, they don't even belong in the same category. Wawa is a Mid-Atlantic institution that began in the 1920's as a simple dairy farm and by the 60's began expanding into chain stores all over PA, NJ and eventually DE. They sell the usual convenience store items like sodas, (fantastic) coffee, cigarettes, gas and newspapers. Wawa is often imitated but never replicated (I'm lookin' at you Royal Farms. I've got mad love for your mooing milk refrigerator - but you are no Wawa).

Wawa's food selection is what I love. They have everything from hot dogs to fresh fruit. The hoagies are of course their signature offering but personally I love a sausage Sizzli and a hot coffee (half french vanilla, half cappuccino thanks!) in the morning. The meatballs in a cup with extra sauce and buttered roll were my favorite lunch. Sadly it's not on my Medifast plan - but I can still spread the word about the goodness that is Wawa.
And if you still can't grasp the awesome that is Wawa - well, I don't know about you but I've never seen anyone with a 7-11 or Royal Farms tattoo. But I have seen Wawa tattoos:

So of course I had to take Stephanie for her first Wawa experience. We only got coffee but this was after we drooled over the bakery items, marveled at the touch-screen ordering system and debated in our heads if it would count if we ate bagels and no one saw us eat them. ;)
My favorite part of this photo is the look that the Wawa guy is giving this over-dressed out-of-towner. You wouldn't know it by looking at Stephanie but it was warm that day.
But Stephanie doesn't mind. Just look how happy that delicious Wawa coffee has made her!

So, what is Wawa?

Short Answer: Wawa is amazing!

P.S. Wawa is in no way compensating me for my opinions on their stores. I just REALLY love Wawa. But I would not protest should a Wawa gift card for some of that fantastic coffee show up in my mailbox. ;)

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