No matter how hard I try, I never say it right.






Its actually pronounced "Winter-tour" but I don't believe I've ever said it correctly. Oh well! No matter how you say it, Winterthur is a treat for anyone that enjoys being outdoors. Don't enjoy being in the outdoors? That's ok! You can take a guided tour of the 175 room home formerly owned by Henry Francis du Pont.

On Sunday, I got together with my friend Erin, her husband Chris and their children Molly and CJ. Erin and I had been trying to get together for a play date for months. Our schedules just didn't mesh and we never had a chance to meet up. When she sent me a message on Facebook asking to get together, I said even if I have to make a copy of myself, I'd be there. I couldn't wait for Izzy to finally meet Molly. From everything I knew about Molly from Erin's Facebook updates, I knew they'd be fast friends.

Our first stop on the journey to the Fairy Garden was a bridge down by the quarry.
I'm not sure what Molly and Izzy are talking about here.
But I love how Molly looks like she is giving Izzy a  very detailed history in Winterthur.

Then the kids shared some lunch.
As  you can see, Izzy has no food. She is a Hoover.


The frog pond - I hear some children have taken impromptu dips in this little pond!
Working the water pump :)

Who loves play dates at Winterthur? Raise your hand!

Inside the fairy ring. Safe to say this was the favorite for all the kids. 

At the Koi pond. Izzy did not like it when I would put my hand in the water. She would pull on my arm and yell 'NO! NO! NO!'. She was convinced the fish were going to nibble my fingers off!
How sweet are these girls? Wait! It gets sweeter!

Is your heart melting yet? I swear we didn't stage this!

And here is the heart breaker for me. Slow down little girl, you are growing too fast!
If you've never been to Winterthur, it is definitely a Delaware must-see. There is always something blooming in the gardens. You'll never be disappointed by the natural beauty, rolling hills and the occasional chipmunk darting across the path to scurry up nearby tree. The serenity and landscape seemed to have been plucked right out of a fable.

It was such a nice day with old friends and new. Thanks to Erin for all the great photos and the great memories of the day. Can't wait to get together with you all again!

P.S. If you are ever looking for a great photographer in Delaware, Erin is your girl! You can see more of her beautiful work here:
And if you ever want proof that it takes more than a good camera to be a great photographer, ask to see my Winterthur photos. There's a reason I didn't post them next to these beauties! haha