Build-a-Sign - a sticky review

Lots of prep work went into going to BlogHer'11. You have to think about creating a presence, letting people know who you are (if you want people to know who you are). This means things like media cards, business cards, QR codes, swag and and more promotional goodies than you can swing a stick at. (And if that stick happens to be branded with your blog logo, all the better!)

I decided to have some bumper stickers made by Build-a-Sign. Now I don't expect to see people running around with my blog bumper sticker slapped on their Prius. But I had this idea. See, I'm really paranoid about losing my luggage in a sea of same-looking luggage at the airport. I wait by the baggage carousel, dancing from foot to foot, examining every red bag that comes out of the chute. Sure, sure, we all have luggage tags. But I want to know my luggage is MY luggage as soon as it makes its entrance in the room. (yeah...its my weird travel thing. get over it.)

I slapped some Turnip Farmer bumper stickers all over my luggage! Not only did I weasel my way into the brain of every baggage handler from Philly to San Diego, I was able to pounce on my luggage as soon as it came off the chute onto the carousel. Also, I think my sweet little turnip and bunny made for soft hearts and my luggage went un-pilfered! (Okay, I am sure that would have happened anyway - but you never know!)

So how do my bumper stickers work as actual bumper stickers? Well, let me tell you, the quality is fabulous. The stickers are printed on heavy, waterproof vinyl and the clarity of the printing is superb. I used the same graphics on my stickers as I did for my business cards. My Build-a-Sign stickers turned out better than my fuzzy business cards from Moo! If you know anything about blogger business cards, Moo is the go-to source. But I was very disappointed by their quality. So it was an awesome surprise when my stickers from Build-a-Sign came out so great! The colors were as vibrant and crisp as the colors I saw on my computer screen. 

I always get nervous about applying bumper stickers because I am afraid they will either ruin the paint or I'll be left with papery remnants should I ever want to remove it. The adhesive backing is sticky without being too sticky. Basically it will stay where you stick it but pull right off when you are ready for it to be gone.

I got a chance to try out removing a sticker. Because when my husband discovered that I had put one of my sissy foo-foo stickers on his man-mobile *cough*chevyaveo*cough* he had a fit! He made me take it off. No sticky residue or papery leavings.
So I had to take my awesome sticker off his car. But come hell or high water, he was getting a sticker on his car. And when he went back inside, he got this:

And after he took that one off, he got this one:
Shhhh! Don't tell!
If he finds that one, the next one is going on the moon roof.

I will definitely be ordering from Build-a-Sign again in the future. How else will I cover the entire man-mobile with blog paraphernalia?

*Disclaimer: provided me with samples of their product for free in exchange for a review. I received no other compensation and my opinions are my own.