I am not a photographer


I have a fancy-ish camera. But I am not a photographer.

I'm very interested in photography though, setting up shots, admiring other's work and talent, editing. But most of the time, if I get a good photo it was nothing more than pure luck and a series of about 100 photos until I got a decent one. 

I try. I really do. I never use the automatic settings on my camera (though I do use auto focus on the lens). I try to learn about shutter speeds, lighting and technique - but really I don't have the time to dedicate to really learning photography. But the one thing I do have is a good eye - not a great one - but a good one. Since I have a design background on my side, I can take a good stab at what will look good through a lens.

I feel that I need to make this disclaimer before I present you with the rest of this post lest I end up on this site. Because I know I am not a photographer. And I could totally join my photographer friends in a rant about how every schmuck with a DSLR is charging folks for photography these days. No fear my friends, I am not joining those ranks.

Apparently though, my good friend Stephanie has more faith in my (oh boy do I hesitate to call it this) talent than I do. Twice now she has asked me to assist her with weddings. Mostly I am there to help keep her sane and organized. Other times I'm there to help keep the bride, her mother or her attendants from having a meltdown. And sometimes I am just holding a bunch of stuff while Stephanie practically hangs from the ceiling to get that perfect photo.

I'm also there to get the secondary shots that would be impossible for Stephanie to photograph. As much as she would like to be, she can't be in two places at once and that is where I come in. Recently I assisted her in shooting one of the sweetest weddings I had ever had the pleasure to attend. Below are my photos of this special day.

Stephanie and Greg had been together, off and on, since middle school. Ask any of their guests and they will tell you that they were meant to be together. They will also tell you that the bride had known this from a very young age. The proof was in the drawings that her Maid of Honor thoughtfully pulled out to embarrass the bride with delight the attendees of the reception. Childish interpretations of the bride's perfect dress, her perfect car, her perfect wedding. 
And just as she had predicted, it was the most perfect day.
Greg and Stephanie, I hope that your marriage is as perfect as you can make it. Here's to many, many years of love and happiness. Thank you for letting me play a part in your special day.

(And thanks to Stephanie G for taking a chance on a 'not photographer'.)