Y3W: Me, in print.

Thanks for the pic, Steph!
If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, by now you know that I had an article published (and you are sick of hearing about it). Its a shortened version of this post that appears in the November issue of MetroKids (you can read the shortened version here). Or you can run out and get yourself a copy! MetroKids is available in almost 600 locations throughout PA, DE, NJ and MD. I won't even mind if you draw a mustache and nerdy glasses on my picture (by the way, could I be more squinty?).

I'm so excited about this. This is my first foray into print media (being featured in it anyway) and I hope its not my last. My best friend tells me that she thinks I will have an advice or anecdotal column one day. I think that will only happen if I buy the space. ;) But that would be pretty cool. I started my design career in newspapers and have always dreamed of working for a magazine. I always enjoyed being in the newsroom and miss the setting a lot. It would be nice to come full circle like that one day.

But I am happy with this.  For now. :)