The Diet Bet | If you give a mouse a cookie

I was reading this article over at about this study on mice. Mice that were given activity wheels and playmates were found to stay slimmer than mice with activity wheels but no buddies.

Poor, chubby, lonely mouse just sitting around on the internet eating cheese and wishing she had more mousy friends.

We aren't mice but if I've learned one thing on Medifast (and thankfully I've learned more than one thing) it's that community is everything.  However reluctant I may have been to share my journey beyond this blog, it quickly receded when I discovered the value of community. It's important to interact with people that have a common goal and mindset.

Whether your community is one person or 20 it is important to surround yourself with those that share or support your goals. So I am continuing to align myself with like-minded people and I have joined in on the Diet Bet to help me get closer to my goal of 140lbs.

Heather from Local Fun for Kids organized a group of highly motivated women to whip each other into shape! And what better way to kick off a diet than with a last hurrah with a dose of inspiration? We held our weigh-in at Tony Luke's Steaks in Philly and also met with Tony Luke Jr.

If you don't know Tony for his cheese steaks you might remember him for his role in the 2006 movie Invincible.

I know, you are probably thinking 'Really? You had a weigh-in at a cheese steak joint?'. Yup we sure did and here is why:
In a little over a year Tony went from this:

To this:
Through diet (aka lifestyle change), moderation, exercise and lots of personal accountability, Tony has lost nearly 140lbs.

That's what I admire most about Tony's approach to weight loss - he's dedicated to keeping himself accountable and not blaming his weight problems on anyone but himself. He eats what he wants but he makes better choices (even telling me that he will not consume anything with gluten in it, saying it is poison. ::pssst: Medifast is gluten free!::) He is also in the gym every single day. 

And even though Tony started this journey on his own, he quickly found a community building up around him through Facebook and Twitter. Each time he posted on Facebook that he was at the gym the community grew, peopled cheered him on, they were inspired by him and even better, they inspired him to keep going. Pound by pound, post by post, the support for one another grew and continues to grow. The strength of the community created a recipe for successful weight loss.

That's what Diet Bet hopes to achieve. Even though this is a competition the true intention of Diet Bet is to create an environment that leads to success through cheering each other on to our goals. There is a little friendly trash-talking but more than anything we are finding ourselves feeding off the energy of our so-called competitors. I don't find myself wanting to beat the others in the competition. I want to cross the finish line with them.

Here's how it works:

The stakes of our group? We each have to lose 4% of our total body weight by March 3rd.
For me, that is 7 pounds. Now we all know what a slow loser I am, so this will truly be a challenge for me. We can each use any method we'd like for weight loss. Of course I will be using Medifast to win the Diet Bet and get that much closer to my total weight loss goal of 100 pounds. I hope that you'll stop by Diet Bet and check out my profile and cheer me on.

If you want to know more about Diet Bet or start a bet of your own, you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter or their website.

I hope that you'll also check out my competitors...and leave a cupcake or twelve on their doorstep. ;)