Easter 2012

We were so proud of Izzy this year. Last year I had to get in the shot with her. 
(Holy smokes. Look at how much she has grown!)
Izzy can be very shy and I thought for sure I'd be in the photo again this year. But she hopped right up in the Bunny's lap and gave us big smiles!

The night before Easter we gave Izzy a very special pouch of magic bunny seeds. I told her that if we plant them in the yard, that the Easter Bunny would come and sprinkle magic dust on them and really special treats would grow from the seeds.
Daddy helped her dig holes and she sowed her seeds all over the yard. She even marked each planting with rocks from the garden so the Bunny would know where to sprinkle his magic dust.
 In the morning she was delighted to find crops of Peeps, Dum Dums and...what's behind that tree?

Thanks to our good friend Stephanie from Goobermonkey.com for playing Easter Bunny all the way from FL!
She sent Izzy a Rapunzel doll that could be Izzy's twin!
Later we had my parents over and my mom hid eggs in the yard for Izzy before dinner.
After Izzy found all 30 eggs (yes, 30), she made my mom hide the over and over and over and over and over again. 
 And then finally she got tired of hunting for eggs.
I have to give my mom some serious props. Instead of candy, she filled all the eggs with an assortment of Littlest Pet Shop toys, change and dollar bills.

After dinner Mom and Izzy blew bubbles until both nearly passed out from shortness of breath and exhaustion.
I hope your Easter was as sweet as ours! What did you do to celebrate?