Review | Dial Nutriskin Firming Replenishing Lotion


Easter is right around the corner and I bought myself a pretty little dress to wear this year.

There is just one problem....the bat wings.

Enter: Dial Nutriskin Firming Replenishing Lotion!
Watch out, Vanna!
Thanks to my large weight loss, without major surgery, there is not a lot I can do about the saggy skin on my arms. However, it's worth a shot, right? If nothing else, I hoped that the lotion would help clear up my ever-prevalent eczema.

Like you, I've tried so many lotions on the market only to be disappointed by their claims. In the five days I've been using Dial Nutriskin, I've seen a remarkable difference in the tone of my skin. First of all, my eczema is the best it's been in years. The skin on my upper arms is always bumpy and has a ruddy tone.
You can see for yourself, that while the skin on my arm isn't porcelain-esque, the tone is more even and smooth.
As for the bat wings?
Well, dare I say they feel less floppy? I mean, I have to do some serious flexing to cease all jiggling - but the skin just feels tighter. My skin feels refreshed and like it's gotten some of it's snap back. Best of all, the icky stretch marks I have on my arms (ugh. yes! my arms!) seem a little less deep! 

Overall I am really happy with the results I am seeing thus far and I will feel just a little more confident in my Easter dress! I'd like to encourage you to hop on over to Walmart and pick up some Dial Nutriskin lotion and take the five day skin care challenge. Trust me, you wont regret it! If there is hope for my bat wings in a bottle of lotion, there's hope for your skin too!
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You can purchase Dial Nutriskin products at Wal-Mart. You can also follow Dial on Facebook, Twitter, or check out their website for some great beauty tips.

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P.S. It was super hard for me to not make the "it puts the lotion on it's skin" joke in this post. I just needed everyone to know that.