Are you Mom Enough?

We've all seen the Time cover by now. The one that asks if we are 'Mom Enough' to tackle the challenges of the Attachment Parenting lifestyle and all that comes with breastfeeding 15 year olds. (I kid, I kid.)

While I am sure the intent of the subjects of the photograph, Jamie Grumet and her son, was to raise awareness and gain acceptance of their lifestyle, it seems to be falling flat among many moms. This includes myself. I feel this cover adds fuel to the mommy wars, feeds into the feelings of inadequacy that so many mothers quietly fret over on a daily basis. 

I co-slept. I made my own baby food...sometimes. I couldn't breastfeed. I didn't cloth diaper (nor did I have the desire to). I wore my baby - until my back started to hurt. In the AP community, I would not be considered 'Mom Enough' and that's okay. I don't need to be 'mom enough' to them. I need to be 'mom enough' to her. The blue-eyed beauty that wakes every morning with a smile to say 'I dreamed about you last night, mommy.'

I decided to make a list of reasons why I am 'Mom Enough'. Don't be mad or disgusted at Jamie Grumet and her choice (and right) to raise her family as she wishes. Instead, be proud of the choices you've made - the ones that are best for your family.

Tell me how you are 'Mom Enough' to your kids, link up your photos below!

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