Stuff you should know

- my laptop is fried. It's okay. I lost some stuff, it sucks, but I didn't lose much. I also have a warranty through Best Buy. So it's getting fixed. UPDATE: Laptop is fixed and normal posting will resume tonight with a rundown of my half marathon! YAY!!!

- I'm writing this post from my phone. It's not fun. In fact it's rather annoying.

- Izzy is having a sleepover at my BFFs house tonight with her daughter Maggie. I hope we'll still be friends after this night.

- tonight I learned that my BFF has frogs and tiny snakes in her basement. I saw a frog. I'm kinda jealous. All we have is crickets and a bitchy cat in our basement.

- tomorrow I will run a half marathon with my husband. It will be my first. I will finish. And I hope to not have a panic attack at the end like I did at Broad Street.

- after I run a half marathon, I have to attend an 85th birthday party for my great aunt. I will eat a shit-ton of cake. Because I will have freaking earned it.

"Run like there's cake at the end."