Sesame Street Spooktacular!


Izzy is a pretty fearless - if you factor out the boughts of leg-climbing shyness whenever she meets someone new. But when it comes to things like spiders, ghosts, vampires and your run of the mill monsters, these are the things that keep her (and me) up at night. Because of this, we have to be a little picky about what kind of Halloween festivities we take part in. Over the past few years the holiday has been a challenge as she is torn between her love of dress-up and her hate for all things creepy crawly and bumping in the night.
Recently we were invited to Sesame Place to check out their ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween celebration. I can sum up this on-going event in one word: Perfect. Sesame Place has done an amazing job of capturing all of the fun of Halloween without parents having to fear being up all night with overactive imaginations. The only screams you’ll hear at Spooktacular are screams of delight.
The entire park is made over to celebrate Fall. You can barely turn around without bumping into a row of mums, a stack of hay bales or a fantastic character scene for a photo opp!
Our first stop in the park was the amazing Nets & Climbs area. This giant jungle gym is nothing but tubes and ropes way up in the sky. Climbing all the way to the top will get you an impressive scenic view of the park and the surrounding Lehigh Valley area.

Then we road the Vapor Trail...again, and again, and again...
Izzy was not confident that I was sufficiently nauseous. So we went over for a spin on Grover’s World Twirl. The clever ride attendant turned our leisurely afternoon teacup ride into a competition with the Earth over who can spin faster.
I apologize for the lack of action shots on this one. Between the spinning and the attempts at keeping breakfast inside my stomach, I was unable to take any photos of how gloriously tickled Izzy was over the way I turned green.
Since I had taken just about all the  spinning I could handle, we did a little Trick or Treating next. The trick was finding our way through
Abby Cadabby's Magical Halloween Maze.
Which way to the treats, daddy?

Look! There they are!

One of the features at the park that I loved most, and I think Izzy did too, was Ernie's Rubber Duckie Costume PartyAn area that is normally a splashing pool in warmer weather is turned into a Sesame Street dance club!
There was loud music, bubbles and lots of room for crazy kids to run and dance around. A certain mom might have gotten in on the act too. I just can't resist the club mix of rubber ducky.

To cap off the day, we attended a special cupcake reception that included a meet and greet with all of our favorite characters.
Just when the sugar kicked in, Big Bird made his appearance. And Izzy went crazy. It was like the time I saw New Kids on the Block at the Delaware State Fair. Who knew a grown woman could squeal like that? Anyway, Izzy was flagging Big Bird down like she was bringing in planes at the airport.
I bet Izzy thought she'd just had the most exciting moment of her life. Nothing would ever top meeting THE Big Bird. But then, the most magical of the Sesame Street characters, Abby Cadabby, skipped into the room.


Clearly it was time to end our spooktacular day at Sesame Place since Izzy could no longer see straight from glee-induced vertigo. But before we left, we had to thank our host, The Count, for graciously entertaining us during his favorite time of year, Halloween.
Izzy was just a wee bit shy of The Count but quickly got over it as he made friends with daddy.
This was our first visit to Sesame Place and you can bet it will not be our last. The park was immaculately clean, and beautifully decorated, and what I found most impressive was how friendly and engaging the entire staff was.
Sesame Place offers a variety of themed events year round. Keep an eye on their events page for all the great things the park has planned thought the year. Personally, I cannot wait for A Very Furry Christmas!

You still have time to catch all of Sesame Place's Halloween happenings. Abby Cadabby’s is throwing a Fairy Pumpkin Party this weekend. The Count will be hosting another Halloween bash on October 27th and 28th. And don't forget about the Annual Halloween Costume Contest!

No matter what season you choose to visit Sesame Place, you are sure to have an amazing time.
Just ask Izzy!

Disclosure: Sesame Place provided my family park passes in exchange for our opinions. All thoughts and opinions are mine. Thank you, Sesame Place, for an amazing day we won't soon forget!