Let's get #Unreal!

Tonight, I sit staring at two gigantic bowls of candy. 

One bowl is full of the traditional stuff. Peanut butter cups, nougat bars with gooey caramel, and brightly colored candy coated chocolate bits.

The other bowl is filled with the same stuff. 

One bowl is getting donated and the other one - you can keep your damn hands off of it because it’s mine!

I'm always on a quest to give Izzy healthier alternatives in the foods that she likes. In the past though, as far as candy goes, there were not really a lot of options. Anything I found in the health food stores were not only inconvenient because I had to go across town to acquire them - but they were pretty gross. Izzy and I are both sugar fiends and neither of us would eat the stuff from the health food stores. 

When I got a chance to sample Unreal candy, I was skeptical. I had tried a lot of candy that was good for us but caused total lemon face when we ate it. But when I found out that Unreal was invented by a kid, I was opened to a little confection convincing! 

Here's a quick comparison of Unreal #54 (Candy coated chocolate covered peanuts) vs Peanut M&Ms vs an orange....because fruit is awesome.

I was so impressed with this product that I held a little pre-Halloween Frankenstorm party for Izzy's soccer team.
It was so windy that day!
I filled up their treat bags with peanut butter cups, candy coated chocolate, caramel nougat bars, candy coated chocolate peanuts and caramel nougat bars with nuts. I also threw in a few extra treats like glow sticks and silly straws.
Izzy knew what was waiting for the kids post-practice. So I was not surprised one bit to see her arrive to the party before everyone else!
The kids snacked on juice and pretzel dogs while their parents tried to restrain themselves from diving into the goody bags. Once I told everyone all the great things about Unreal, they couldn't wait to try it. I told them about Unreal's mission to 'Unjunk' your diet. One of the things they loved most was that they wouldn't have to go out of their way to purchase this product. Its available at most major retailers - the latest addition being Target! 
The next day I took a bag of treats to Izzy's daycare director. She very matter-of-factly told me that she only eats Godiva. I talked her into trying the nougat bar. Midway into the first bite she exclaimed "This is better than Godiva!". We had our final soccer game of the season on Saturday and all of the moms came to me remarking how the candy tasted better than all of their big-brand competitors. 

Two moms even thanked me for introducing it to their family. The first mom, her son recently developed a condition that requires a low sodium and low potassium diet. The need to keep his sodium low meant that she would have to strictly monitor his Halloween candy intake - if not cut it out at all. But because Unreal has significantly lower sodium levels than the leading candy, he was able to take part in Halloween treats this year! The second mother told me that because their son exhibits signs of hyperactivity, they have him on a specialized plan, the Feingold diet. She explained to me that they stay away from highly processed foods and artificial dyes because they affect his behavior. She was hesitant to let him have Unreal but gave it a try. I was so pleased to hear that he only suffered from a smile after eating Unreal. ;)

We are making a 100% switch to Unreal candy for all of our treats. And next year we'll be handing out Unreal minis to our neighborhood trick-or-treaters. All of those other candies are filled with junk that is terrible for your body. The candy you treat yourself to should not play tricks on your body!

Would you like to try Unreal? Well you are in luck. I saved enough candy to let three lucky readers sample the entire line of candy! Submit your entries below!

Unreal provided these products to me, free of charge, for the purpose of this review. I was compensated to host a party for the purposes of sampling Unreal candy. All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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