Mohawk Licensed To Spill Tour comes to Philly! #ad

Have you ever heard the story of Sarah Winchester and the Mystery House? In short, Sarah was convinced by a medium that her family was haunted by the spirits of all the people that had been killed by Winchester rifles. To appease these spirits, she was told that she needed to build a home large enough to accommodate all of the spirits. Thus began years and years of endless, 24/7 construction. Doors that led to nowhere, constant renovations, and often the need for a map to navigate the home. Can you imagine what it must have taken to carpet that place?

My home, with it’s meager 950sq ft, hardly needs a map for navigation. However, like the Winchester Mansion, we have been in a constant state of construction. Unlike the Winchester mansion and its construction of many rooms, I am talking about one room in our house. One teeny tiny room. For almost 5 years I’ve been waiting on the completion of this room. 

Crazy right? Well there were a lot of factors at play. Originally, this structure was a porch, then a sunroom, and then the previous owners eventually turned it into an actual room. And they did an awful job. For starters, they didn’t level the floor. Which would have been great if we were going to turn the room into a bowling alley. But the real problem was the roof. The roof from the house did not butt up to the roof on the addition very well. So every time it rained, the water would slide off one roof and under the other. This is something I discovered to be a problem one day while vacuuming and with a gentle bump, my Dirt Devil went through the wall. Oops. And ew.

Initially, before we realized that the water was coming from the roof, my husband and, my father gutted the one damaged wall and replaced it. 

After they put it all back together and I recovered from my heart attack, all was well. We got some new carpet, moved all the furniture back in. It was great.

And then it rained. And honestly, there wasn’t much we could do about it for a while. We just threw towels down and kept up with rain storms as they came. That lasted for about a year. Then Christian’s dad decided to take a crack at the room. He came out from Arizona to stay with us and he and Christian, once again, gutted the room, fixed the roof, leveled out the floor and rebuilt the room from the ground up...except not really. See, by the time Christian’s dad had to leave, there was still a lot of work to do. It got done little by little, a nail here, some spackle there. And a year later, that is how I became the Sarah Winchester of the state of Delaware.

Finally though, my time in the neverending house is coming to an end. We are FINALLY ready for one last coat of paint and … this is the exciting part … CARPET! 
Okay, carpet isn't that exciting. But when I found out that Mohawk Flooring and their License to Spill tour would be in Philadelphia at the Italian Market Festival, I was kinda stoked to go check out what they have to offer. So I set out with the kid and two of my favorite bloggers, Melinda and Rachee, and off to the festival we went!

(Also, when I heard that Chef Peter McAndrews of Paesanos and Gus of Isgro Pasticceria would be serving up their famous sandwiches and cannolis - well, you don’t have to ask me twice to attend.)
I was really excited to see a demo of this carpet after reading up on it. I usually don’t buy into claims of carpets being ‘stain resistant’ - especially if there is a lot of pre-treating involved.

My little mud-slinger got right to work on giving this carpet her best dirty work.

Any doubts I had about this carpet were put to rest immediately. With just a few shots of water, Kool-Aid, soy sauce, and who knows what else, fell right out of the Mohawk SmartStrand carpet. Even tough stains, like ketchup and even red wine will clean easily out of SmartStrand carpet with a little soapy water!

Treated carpets are often stiff and kind of smelly. The Mohawk carpet had neither of these traits. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft this carpet is. But what I like best is the low maintenance! Typically, stain resistant carpets need to be treated regularly. SmartStrand has permanent stain and soil resistance that will never wear off. Most carpets have stain and soil treatments that are applied topically to the fiber. Over time, in the face of foot traffic, and due to wear and tear, the topically applied stain and soil treatment wears off leaving carpets looking old and worn. None of that with Mohawk SmartStrand!

I really enjoyed ‘shopping’ for carpet with the Mohawk License to Spill tour. We were introduced to a quality product in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. How often can you take your child to a flooring provider and let them make a huge mess? Or meet this handsome guy?
Chip Wade from HGTV’s Elbow Room was on hand for babysitting. Okay, no not really. But he does want you to watch his show.

Thanks, Mohawk, for the fun day out at Philadelphia’s Italian Market. We learned a lot, ate a lot, and got to rub shoulders with some of Philly’s most fun characters. Be sure to check out the tour when it comes to a city near you!

Want to cut a rug with us? You can enter to win your own 6x9 SmartStrand Silk bound carpet rug from Mohawk Flooring.