How being on #TeamPolar helped me get my fitness mojo back #FitFluential

Okay, so I feel like I have to start this post with a confession.

Me and running - we kinda broke up for a little while. Me and running broke up so bad that I even gave it back the friendship bracelet made out of safety pins from old bibs.

Ask me to go running - or pretty much any physical activity, and this is the reaction you'd probably get:

I couldn't put my finger on it but the motivation just hasn't been there. But then this beautiful darling showed up on my doorstep.

What has been missing is visual results. Even though I've gained back some weight after reaching my goal last year, my body looks relatively the same. I used to get a lot of gratification from watching my body constantly change. Now that I don't have as much to lose to get back to goal, I needed to find a new source of visual confirmation that I was (or wasn't) working hard enough.

The first time I used the Polar RC3GPS, this is the readout I got when I synced my monitor to their Polar Personal Trainer site. 

I was all "C'mere visual confirmation. I'mma snuggle you." And then I rolled all over the monitor just like this:
Yeah. Let's do that again.
Yeah! Go me!
I've totally found my motivation again.

I've tried out a few activity tracking tools and apps in the past. Most of them counted my steps, some tracked my route, and some told me a rough idea of the calories I burned (and either grossly under or overestimated that number). With all of the money I wasted on those things, I could have purchased the Polar RC3GPS twice over and I would have gotten all of the above and then some. 

The  Polar RC3GPS not only tracks and analyzes your activity and gives you a visual of all the hard work you are doing; but the Polar Personal Trainer site will help you build a training program to help you meet your goals:
I'll be honest, the first few uses of this device were a bit rough. I was used to devices that were much more simplistic. In the beginning it was a little bit of information overload. But hey, that is what the user manual is for, right? Around my third use, I had this device down pat. So here's some loves, and not so loves about the Polar RC3GPS:

  • PRO: The chest strap is comfortable. No, really! It's made of a very soft elastic and has a bra-strap style slider for easy adjustment. And the strap gets very long. So if you are a bigger person, no worries, it will fit!
  • CON: I think that the clip that secures the strap is a little weak. It's made out of very durable metal (steel?). Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem to have enough 'hook' to it. There were a few times, during very vigorous activity, that the clip would come undone. I resolved this issue by tightening the strap to increase the tension on the hook. That seems to have resolved the problem for me but I'd love to see a more secure hook. 
  • CON: A little overwhelming for an unexperienced user.
  • PRO: That you will get over it when you see all the cool stuff that it does! Seriously. Don't be scared. It doesn't hurt...unless you want it to. And then watch those calories BURN! BURN! BURN!
    Also they have this handy video for new users:
  • CON: The app that accompanies the product does not work with an iPhone 4, only 4s and 5. I had the super sadz over this.
    Dear Polar: At&t is selling the iPhone 4 for 99 cents. For real. They are practically forcing people to use them. Please make your app compatible with the 4 and my heart rate will increase ten-fold and I will burn more calories and super love your product more. LYLAS!
  • PRO: I can totally make do with the website until you get around to fulfilling the above request. Because the website, seriously, it kicks ass. 
My verdict: Worth every flippin' penny. Not only am I back to working out regularly, I'm working harder than ever. Between running and CrossFit Bootcamp, I've given this device a run for it's money and it has not disappointed me yet. It tracks my mileage, heart rate, and calories accurately. It grades my performance in comparison to previous workouts. It allows for tracking of a variety of sports - not just running. And my favorite part by far is the amazing logs on the website and the personalized training plans.

So who wants to go burn 700 calories at CrossFit with me?

I received the Polar RC3GPS as part of a sponsored campaign with FitFluential.
All opinions and experiences are my own. 
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