Milburn Orchards

We took a trip to Milburn Orchards on Sunday. It was Izzy's first trip to a pumpkin patch. She enjoyed it so much she slept through most of it!

This is the best pumpkin picture we could get. Izzy was not digging the whole pumpkin patch thing.



Izzy Apples!
Organically grown in Delaware.


There were all sorts of farm animals there. Lots of goats and chickens running around.

There was a goat bridge that went from one side of the farm to the other. It was so cool but I was a little worried about walking under it - you know, goat showers and all. The 'hail' is the worst.

This is one of the goats coming down off the bridge.


I love this goat and wanted to steal him.

Do they put out Amber Alerts for baby goats?

I love this goat too but he did not love me so much :)


Daddy and Isabella rockin' their shades. They make looking cool seem so easy!


And my BFF Stephanie and her niece Erin joined us. Steph is probably the best aunt ever to be had. I wish she was my aunt but at the very least I am glad she is Izzy's auntie.

And lastly, this is the super fat pig that was on the farm. I want to bring hi home and feed him bacon ;)

We had a great day but didn't buy any pumpkins. At fifty-nine cents a pound, I think I'll pass thanks. Besides, if I get a pumpkin I will just be tempted to put Izzy inside of it. :)

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  1. Truly great summary of Izzy's exciting "firsts". Thanks for efforts you are going to.
    Love ALL of you so much!
    Loved our visit and miss hugging that little moonbeam.