double ear infection and croup :(

Izzy had a pretty nasty cold last week. We took her to the doc to have her checked out and the doctor said everything seemed fine. That she might have a touch of croup but it was nothing to worry about.  Well, by monday a touch turned into a full on slap. this poor kid has been hacking her lungs out all night long since monday night.

We were finally able to get her back into the doctor today. She definitely has croup but the doctor decided not to treat it with steroids since izzy's lungs sound clear. we also discovered that she has a double ear infection - though at this point it seems to be mild. That is being treated with antibiotics.

For once, izzy had a great time at the doctor's office. she was loving the blood pressure bulbs. But mostly she wanted to get at the used needle box on the wall. eek!
trying to distract her with kisses.
Checking out the equipment in the room. Do we have a future doctor on our hands?

'this goes right in the belly button like this...'
'oh! i dont think its supposed to suck out my intestines like that!' maybe medicine isnt in her future.
But daddy wanted to try his hand at doctoring and decided he would do the exam.

I think izzy misunderstood what type of exam she would be getting.

Here's hoping she recovers quickly.
As for me, my tooth still hurts. please feel sorry for me.