Novocaine is for sissies


And I am about as sissy as they come when you are talking about dentistry.

Today was supposed to be the final step in a two part process. But my dentist really likes me, so he wants to see me again next week. He so enjoys driving little needles into my gums that feel like dull butcher knives. He also likes to see me clench up, jump out of the chair and hang from the ceiling by my fingernails like a cat. He's a pretty nice guy, so I thought I'd let him have another crack at my mouth.

Actually, I was still having a lot of pain this entire week (initial procedure was last Tuesday). He removed my temporary filling to figure out why. But there was nothing wrong with my tooth. No swelling, no infection, everything was as it should be. He gave me about 4 needles of novocaine before he could really do any work. We had started with 2 but i could still feel everything.

The entire time all I could think about was how I'd rather have a med-free birth. I think I would rather slowly lower myself into a pit of fire ants than go through this procedure ever again. There are a gazillion nasty, cringe worthy things I can think of that I would rather do than have another root canal. I would even go to a NASCAR race with my husband if it meant I never had to have another root canal.

Thankfully I have made friends with my bottle of Tylenol with codeine. Honestly though I was hoping to be BFFs with Vicoden but I never was part of the cool crowd.