I usually don't go out on Friday nights. I'm super lame when it comes to going out. I am a homebody by nature but ever since Izzy came along, I'm not a fan of being out after 9pm. We get up super early for work around here (C gets up at 430 and I get up soon after around 5). But Izzy doesn't seem to understand that whole 'sleeping in on the weekends' thing. Sleeping in for Izzy means getting up by 545 every Saturday and Sunday. Now this wouldn't burn me up so bad if it wasn't for the fact that during the week I don't even wake her up until 6am. That's right, I have to wake her up - she'd keep sleeping. So why is it that my little darling insists on waking up at 545 on the weekends?

So, yeah, don't ask me to hang out on a Friday night...unless you want to play BINGO!

Oh yeah. This is totally my speed. :-p

Actually, I haven't played Bingo since 2003 when I went to Michigan to visit my college roommate Jenn. She insisted that we hop the border to Canada and go play bingo. We had an awesome time. Let me tell you those Canadian biddies are serious about their Bingo. Word to the wise: don't yell things like 'kingo!', 'dingo!', 'lingo!' or 'schmingo!'. They really don't appreciate it. And that's pretty much the story of how I lost the tip of my left ear.

My friend Steph over at A Grande Life planned a Bingo event to benefit the March of Dimes. Her son Ethan was a preemie due to Stephanie developing HELLP late in her pregnancy. Thanks to his awesome mom and the MoD, he is happy and healthy 2 year old today. Stephanie often speaks highly of the MoD and how much they helped her family. So despite my Friday-night-hatin' ways, I had to come out and support my friend and her cause.

I'm so glad I did. Besides having a lot of fun, I actually won something!
I never win prizes so I was stoked to win anything - let alone what seemed to be the biggest prize of the night. (If nothing else, it sure was the heaviest!)
The prize was a Longaberger serving tray filled with all sorts of goodies like Longaberger mugs and bowls, Vera Bradly place mats and napkins, gourmet coffees, Tastefully Simple muffin mix, and lots of other goodies.

Since I stayed to help Stephanie fold up some chairs, I didn't get home until a little after midnight. Saturdays are my day to get up with Izzy. I am sorta regretting hanging out to help clean up. haha
Iz was up by 545 as always.
Coffee was in order. STAT. So I decided to break out the new mugs.

Then we settled in on the couch with some slices of pumpkin bread and a few episodes of Sponge Bob.

I think I need five or six more cups of coffee before we get this day officially started.