What is that giant nugget of sugary goodness in izzy's hands? That right there is a GIANT GUMMY BEAR!
My pal Stephanie sent that to us all the way from Florida. I hear that alligators roam free down there. I hope she wasn't in any danger when she walked this bad boy into the post office. ;)

Even though the box was addressed to me, anyone that has a toddler knows that anything that comes into the house is theirs. 

"Hey Izzy! Look at what my friend sent me."


"No, mine."


"No. I wasn't correcting your grammar. I was saying it belongs to me."

"Mines!" followed by a head nod and eye contact to confirm.

::reluctantly hands over the barely sealed package to greedy toddler::


**hmmmm. i can't seem to free the sugar bomb from its casing.**

**how can i manipulate mommy into not only opening this but giving it to me before dinner....**

**i know!**

**ugly crying!**

Then daddy stepped in and proclaimed that the gummie was 'too cool to eat'.
I'm sure it will be nommed at some point. But i have since taped up the plastic casing and for now its fun to watch izzy trying to get into it. :)

Lastly, this was supposed to be a thank you video for Stephanie.
As you will see, we are still working on that whole manners thing. 

Thanks again Stephanie! You know how much i love unique stuff. After all, I'm friends with you. =P