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I am so sad that it is November 1st. No more scary movie marathons on TV. No more costumed kiddies. No more fun size Snickers squirreled away in my purse.
OK, who am I kidding. I'll still have fun sized Snickers in my purse.
But I am bummed. We are that much closer to Christmas and snow and sloppy weather. I am not a fan of mid-November through February. I love Fall so much. East Coasters, is it just me, or are the colors especially vibrant this year? Delaware is especially beautiful this time of year. I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world right now. However, I will be looking for couches to surf in about 2-3 weeks. :)
We had another busy weekend. Art class, visiting friends, cleaning house, yard work, packing up some of Izzy's old clothes to share with baby Maggie, dinner at our favorite Mexican place, visiting the apple orchard and finally Izzy's first year of Trick or Treating.
Vacation is in two weeks. I started the countdown last night as I lay in bed. So far on the agenda: many, many, many naps.
Friday was fairly uneventful. Izzy dressed up in her costume for daycare and came home with a pumpkin bucket full of goodies.
We took a little stroll around the neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having that day. Our neighbor has this beautiful tree in his yard. The leaves are like fire - brilliant yellows, oranges and reds. Of all the leaves we picked, Izzy loved those the best (despite the 'ick' face. haha i just caught her at a weird moment).


Our other neighbor has lots of garden sculptures. Would the gnomes and fake deer be considered sculpture? Let's call them garden chachkis. Anyway, Izzy loves to stop and pet the 'doggy' in her yard.

Art Class! This week, Iz and I were on our own. Linsday and Chloe were home sick. We still had a good time but we missed them a lot!
I love this photo of Izzy. She was so excited to be there this week. I think the first week was a little overwhelming with all the new faces.
First we painted tiny pumpkins:
Then we made black cats with handprints.
She wasn't in love with the black paint all over her hand but she enjoyed getting to play in the sink afterward. Also, look at how tired she looks. Six AM on a Saturday, folks. SIX AM.


Then we made a ghost out of a paper plate and tissue paper:

“he fwyin mommy! He fwyin!”

After a too short nap, we went to Millburn Orchards in Elkton, MD.
I love Millburn. Its just the right size for small kids. Big enough to be entertaining but small enough that it's not overwhelming and exhausting. There are lots of things to climb on, a petting zoo, corn maze, hay rides, a smaller hay bale maze.
Iz really enjoyed the maze. She loves a good game of hide and seek. I wish you could have heard the squeals she was letting out. I really think the maze was her favorite part of the day.
But she didn't want anything to do with this guy.

Have y'all see this video before?

My husband had not. So he didn't really understand why I was giggling when I saw the same slide at Millburn. Nor could he see the humor when he had to go inside of it and them drag izzy out of it.

So I am pretty sure I may sneak back into Millburn at night and steal this little guy.
Or one of these cuties:
I could settle for these two:

Izzy was all about feeding the goats. Poor kid, I didn't plan ahead well and only had a few quarters in the bottom of my purse.
As if you hadn't had enough of the baby goat cuteness, I have this:

We went on the hayride too. As is our luck, we sat with the most obnoxious people on the entire farm. There were three boys – probably ranging from 10-13 years old next to us. Seriously, these little a-hoo's. Why do we always get stuck next to people like this. Their mother was smart. She sat all the way on the other side of the ride. When we sat down with Izzy, one boy informed me that he was going to throw hay at all of us. I just asked him to be mindful of Izzy. Its a hay ride, I can live with that. Whoopee! Lets toss a little hay around. Little did I know it was going to be a full on hay massacre with a side of hay tornados.
And the one kid was apparently allergic to hay. But that didnt stop him from completely burying himself in it while his mother screamed from the other end 'KNOCK IT OFF! I DIDNT BRING AN INHALER!'. This is the same mom that we later heard screaming at the playground 'If you do that again I am kicking your ass! Do you hear me?'. Nice.
Nonetheless, Izzy enjoyed the hayride.
We ended our tour of Millburn with the pumpkin house and some apple cider donuts from the gift shop. Yum!
After Millburn we went to my BFF's house to visit and drop off some clothing for Maggie. Five boxes of clothing that Izzy will never wear again. I am so happy that our girl is strong and healthy and growing so well. But I shed a few tears packing up those clothes. Even though I am so in love with this little person she is becoming, I miss my tiny baby so much.
After some baby snugglin' time with Maggie, we went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Tolteca. (I refuse to call it La Tonalteca – which is what they changed the name to.)
Perfect ending to a perfect day.

Aaaahhh, the big day! Izzy's first time Trick or Treating. The last two years we just went to see relatives. But I really like Butterfingers, so we decided to go Trick or Treating.
Izzy went as Little Red Riding Hood (if you hadn't already gotten that from the other photos). She was so excited to carry around her purple pumpkin bucket. But she was a little shy when it came to the actual ToTing.
We also lost the cape the originally came with the costume somewhere along the way. Fortunately her Auntie Kiely had knitted this cape for her last year.

Our first stop:

Proceeding with caution:

 Getting brave and running ahead on her own.

She was NOT excited about this house!

I have to confess that I totally forgot to plan dinner last night. So we came home to hot dogs and fruit. I let Izzy have a bag of Teddy Grahams from her haul and then it was bath and bed.

She was such a good girl all weekend. We missed her once she went to bed, so we had to sneak in and take a look at her. You could give me all the candy in the world. But there is nothing sweeter than watching your baby sleep so peacefully and knowing that it's because you gave her such a fun weekend.

Hope you all had as good of a weekend as we did!

P.S. I'll still take that candy. ;)