I made this!

I have a love affair with all things typography. I love looking at fonts, I love art made from type, I love doodling letters and practicing my own penmanship. (Even though most days it looks like a I am channeling an arthritic person thats writing with a broken quill while riding a roller coaster.) A beautiful letterpress card makes me want to twirl around on a hill in a pinafore. I love typeface.

When I saw this on Etsy, I had to make it. Fortunately I already had two typesetting drawers in my basement. I had previously used them as shadow boxes but had become bored with the look.
You can buy this one for $98 + shipping at Blue Bird Heaven. 

I made mine for about $35 (drawer, $30, hooks, $5). These drawers are expensive and I've seen them for as much as $80! I've gotten really lucky, the two I own I purchased the first for $30 and the other for $15. Whenever I see them at flea markets I always check the price, hoping I can get them cheap and re-sell for more. I haven't been too lucky with that.


I still have lots of jewelry to hang on it. I love being able to see what I have. I am a very visual person and if i can't see something, I tend to forget it exists. So as much as I love my jewelry, I don't wear it very often because its tucked away in a box. 

I used a dremel to drill all the holes - a hand drill was too big to get into those tiny slots. If you decide to make or purchase one of these drawers, do not hang it in drywall without using anchors. Otherwise you will have a whole new, annoying project on your hands: drywall patching. These drawers are heavy. They are heavy, awkward and there is nothing delicate about them but it looks pretty awesome when it comes to decoration with functionality.

So what have you made lately? Leave me a link in the comments section, I'd love to see your craftiness.