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This weekend was not nearly as busy as last weekend (thank goodness) but we still did a lot. I can feel the time slowing down and I am quite thankful for it. I really love this time of year because it allows me to be the homebody that I truly am. I have so many projects that I want to work on and the bitter cold is the perfect excuse to stay in and work on them.

The weekend had such a nice start. My husband decided to take a vacation day on Friday to spend some time with Izzy. She was very happy about that. Lately she has been getting up in the morning and saying 'i don't want to go bye bye. i stay home with you [or daddy]'. It breaks my heart a little because right now I have no choice but to work. We are doing okay financially but not well enough that I can be a stay at home mom. Honestly, I don't think I'd be that great at it anyway. But that's a post for another time. 

So C decided to stay home and knowing that I was feeling a bit left out, he brought Izzy out to see me at work. I love work visits. It's a throwback to when C and I were dating. He worked weekends and had two days off during the week. I had a standard M-F, 9-5 job. He would visit me on my break and we'd sit in the car and chat and eat lunch and I would do the same for him on the weekends. So it's a nice piece of nostalgia for me when I get lucky enough to have a work visit these days.

Here is Izzy tearing through my boss' office and the front office:

Obviously she missed the memo about no running and no horseplay in the workplace. 

That's my 'work mom' Linda in the background:

I call Linda my work mom because she always gives me good advice and listens to all of my woes - even when she should just tell me to shut up. :P

After a tour of the office we went out to the car to eat. Now, let me tell you, we are a family of small living. We have a small house and we have small cars. It is not easy for two adults and a toddler to have lunch in a Chevy Aveo but somehow we made it work.
At some point I decided it would be cute to eat french fries with Izzy 'Lady and the Tramp' style. She thought this was great fun and would only eat her fries that way after that.

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Saturday we had art class again. Izzy decided she needed to go Jackie O style. She actually wore these the entire drive to class and was looking for them when we left!
No autographs please!

Lindsay and Chloe rejoined us this week. It was nice to see that they were all over their ickies from last week - unfortunately pretty much every other kid in the class was sick!
This week we made a caterpillar from an egg carton:

A foam crown:

The next project was beading a string with Apple Jacks. Izzy completed this task really well - when she wasn't shoving the cereal in her mouth. This was obviously her favorite project since it involved snacks. 

IMG_5074b IMG_5072b

She especially enjoyed munching on her necklace in between projects.

The last project was stamping. Look at how seriously she takes her stamping :)

After class was over, Lindsay and I let the girls blow off some steam and run around the room before the next class started. It was a tumbling class that Izzy is not enrolled in. But judging by how much she enjoyed all the equipment that was out, I think I need to enroll her in one.


Afterward Linds and I took the girls to a local coffee shop (that I am quite sure we are no longer welcome at! haha). The girls had a great time trying out all the chairs while Lindsay and I were 'those parents' and happily ignored them. ;)
Ok...maybe not ignore. But we let them have a good time since the place was pretty empty.
I wish this photo had turned out (yeah...what was I thinking? The lighting obviously wouldn't work on this shot). They were so cute sitting there sharing drinks.

The rest of the day was pretty blah. We went home and napped and had a snack, colored, waited for daddy to come home from a side-job and then we went to a friend's house to talk about some art they had commissioned from me.

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Sunday is sports day around our house. We usually go out in the morning and then C has his sports he likes to watch in the afternoon. So we usually spend the day cleaning up around the house.
This past Sunday we were stuck at home waiting for the DirecTV guy to come and install some thingy-bobby. I don't know...something about HD TV. My husband was pretty disappointed when I said I didn't really see a difference in the quality. As long as he's happy with it. ::shrug::

In case you are wondering, we are Eagles fans. Well...C is an Eagle's fan. I play along because really I have no idea what anything is about when it comes to sports.
Oh actually I guess I do know something. Aren't those GB Packers colors that C is wearing - but its an Eagle's t-shirt? LOL were they both playing? I am confused.

Before the game started we went out for a walk. It was bitterly cold but we weren't really feeling it until a few minutes into the walk.

So we started moving a little faster. :)

Please note the dog's ears in this photo. That's a mix of displeasure and 800mph winds whipping across the field. haha
Poor Tuna. I can practically hear his eyeballs drying out.

A quick game of 'Toss the baby' or as I like to call it 'Make mommy faint'.

Then back inside to warm up.
Vent hog.

And lastly, some more Fall foliage. It's quickly fading this year.

How was you're weekend?