Y3W - 11.05.10


This kid....sigh.

How is it that you can love someone so very much but want to strangle them at the same time? I finally get Homer Simpson. Homer, I get you, brother. 

Izzy is doing the typical 2 year old food thing. One day she eats anything you put in her path. Then for the next seven days its like she is fasting for some crunchy foo-foo mind altering meditation session at a sweat lodge in the Mojave desert.

We've gotten pretty lucky in that she really enjoys salad right now. That would be awesome if lettuce had any real nutritional value. Even though I know whatever I put in front of her will usually be an epic fail, I still try. And this kid will not eat mashed potatoes. What kid doesn't eat mashed potatoes? I could tie her down and prop her mouth open and she'd make those potatoes ooze out of her pores just so she wouldn't have to actually ingest them. So I thought I'd get a little sneaky. I put some food coloring in them. Then maybe - just maybe - she will not only eat them but dip her other foods in them and eat those other foods too!

Yeah. No such luck.

See that photo above? She ate the broccoli (wth?) but the rest of the plate remained virtually in pristine condition.

Do you have any tricks you'd like to share? 

♥ ♥ ♥

We also went to Grandmom's house on Monday. This is my dad's mother. We weren't able to make it to her house on Halloween, so we dressed izzy up one last time and took her to Grandmom's.
My Grandmom is pretty cool. At 83, her body is failing her but her mind is super sharp. She can talk to you about every article in that day's paper, politics, world events and she tells great stories about everyone she's ever known and says some pretty sassy and hilarious stuff sometimes.
To put it kindly, my Grandmom is a 'collector'. So Izzy had a great time rooting around in all of her treasures. I tried to get a decent photo of them but Izzy wasn't having it. She wanted to do more spelunking.


Oh well, we'll try again next time.

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Izzy also bit her tongue for the first time this week. It was actually pretty scary. I was at the sink washing some dishes while she sat at the table finishing her dinner. (You know, what she would eat of it.) Suddenly she screams and starts sobbing. I ran over to see what's wrong, thinking maybe she choked and cleared her throat and got scared. She shook her head that she didn't choke. I ask if she hit her face on the table. She shakes her head no between sobs. Finally I realize that she bit her tongue. :(
So we got her some ice and daddy held it to her tongue. After she calmed down, she thought that was the best thing ever.


That look right there is the 'I've got daddy wrapped around my finger!' look.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Come back on Monday and join the Weekend Wrap Up Blog Hop!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my dad! He is out in Vegas right now with my mom and aunt visiting family. His hobby is metal detecting and I think he planned on doing some treasure hunting out there. Hope you find something good out there in the desert dad!