Weekend Wrap Up!


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I had an AMAZING weekend (well, except for Izzy barfing all over me Sunday night. Don't worry, she's ok!).
Friday afternoon was the official start of my 'Staycation'. What better way to start it than a concert with my husband and friends. We went to see Kate Miller Heidke and then on Saturday I saw Ben Folds. My weekend wrap up was turning into a godzilla sized post. So I put the concert stuff in another geeked out post.

We had our final art class on Saturday. Izzy was a handful that day. She didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. She woke up in the middle of the night wanting to see her mommom. Izzy was in good spirits for class but she was a handful. I think I worked on her projects more than she did. She just would not sit still for it.

First we did stamping - which was a terrific mess.

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The next project was the classic turkey hand:

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And after that mess was cleaned up, we made a pilgrim hat:

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After class, we had some time to kill before naps so we played in the back yard.
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After naps and some boring errands, I left C and Izzy to fend for themselves and went to Philly. I was meeting my friend Kiely for a Ben Folds concert. (<--- see mega-post).


Sunday did not start well. I was supposed to sleep in after being out late Saturday night. That didn't really work out. I was woken up by C asking for help because Izzy was throwing up everywhere. It was an awful mess. She threw up milk everywhere and somehow it was all curdled and smelled sour even though she had just consumed it (no, the milk was not out of date or bad).
After a bath and some hanging out, she seemed fine. No fever, no more barfing, nothing.

So I went out and met up with my best friend as planned to go check out a craft show.
I picked up this really cute ear muff/head wrap thingie:
Hard to tell from the photo but the back is open - so its not a full hat.
After the craft show Steph and I headed over to Newark. If you've never been there, its our college town. University of Delaware students make up the better part of the area's population. So there are lots of cute cafes, book stores and boutiques. Our favorite shop is Bloom. This store is not toddler friendly. Hell, it's not even Kelly-friendly. I must have knocked over half a dozen things with my purse. It's one of those shops that there is so much stuff you can never see everything - even in multiple visits. 
I got this cute book called My Life in Lists.
I have to admit at the time I didn't realize that it was a kid's book! Even so, it has some really fun topics to make lists on. I thought it would be a fun project for C and I to do together. If we can get through the kid's version, maybe we'll move onto the Love and Music list books.

We ended our shopping trip with cupcakes from Sas!
Or as Iz likes to call them 'happy day cake cakes!'

The evening was pretty uneventful until bedtime. That's when it happened. In my two and a half years of motherhood, I have been very fortunate when it came to bodily fluids. I've only ever had a little spit up or a few boogers defile my clothing. I had a pretty good run. Last night, as I kiss my precious baby on her forehead and lift her into her bed, a veritable Niagara Falls of vomit poured out all over me. It was so weird. No warning or anything. And as suddenly as it started, it stopped. After a few tears, Izzy was fine again.
At first we thought she might have developed a milk intolerance. But today she is just fine even after having several glasses of milk. So we'll keep an eye on it but I am crossing my fingers and hoping there are no recurrences.