Concert Extravaganza!

What an awesome weekend!!!!

Friday night C and I met up with my friends Kiely and Jess to see Kate Miller Hiedke at the Arden Club. I was so excited about this show.
That's me being SUPER EXCITED!
It is scientifically impossible for Kiely's eyes to stay open for a picture.
Kiely and I first saw KMH at the Grand in Wilmington when she opened for Ben Folds. I went in having no idea who she was and not really caring. She didn't get but a few notes into her first song and I was hooked. Kiely and I just looked at each other, jaws on the floor and exclaimed that we had to get her CD. We saw her again in Hershey, opening for Ben and honestly I think we were more excited to see her than Ben Folds.

I had never been to the Arden Club but I can't wait to go back for another show. The club is basically a large barn, fits about 200 people and it's all general admission seating. We got there early and heard part of KMH's sound check from the lobby and once we were inside we quickly nabbed front row seats.

Unfortunately we had to sit through the opening act. Jess and C said Kiely and I were being music snobs and I will fully cop to that. Joe Trainor, the opening act, is clearly a homegrown favorite with a decent fan base by Delaware standards. There is no doubt that he is a talented pianist....but the lyrics, dear god the lyrics were horrendous. Choosing the front row proved to be very awkward. Kiely and I could not even look at each other. We knew we'd make terrible faces or laugh or do something equally rude. The lyrics were, in my opinion, something a high schooler would write and so distracting. It was obvious he was trying to imitate other people. One song sounded just like Ben Folds' song 'Bastard'. The only song he performed that I thought was worth listening to was his version of the Beatles 'I am the Walrus'.

Finally, KMH hit the stage. From beginning to end it was nothing but pure awesome. Before the show I tried to show C some Youtube videos so that he could get an idea of what a KMH show is like. I really think she defies explanation.
This is Christian pretending that he isn't enjoying the show.

At home in Australia she is known as a pop singer and if you bought her CD, you'd think the same. But this woman needs her own musical category. She mixes opera, pop and rock so effortlessly. She even did a cover of Eminem's 'Slim Shady' and it was hilarious and such an impressive interpretation of a song that was never meant to be sung the way she did it.

Like I mentioned before, this was C's first KMH show. I think he went into it just expecting to keep me company. Well, Kate definitely has a new fan in him. But it was her guitarist/husband Keir that sealed that deal with a killer solo. He tore up that acoustic guitar like nothing we'd ever seen. I thought for sure we'd see the strings pop off and blood pouring from his fingertips. If you watch that video, during the solo, listen for the man screaming 'YEAH!'. Each time that is Christian. :P
(all of the nice photos were take by Joe Del Tufo)

Okay, obviously I could go on and on about KMH. The show is definitely in my top 5 favorite shows of all time. We got an incredible show for $12 in an intimate setting, we met Keir and Kate, I swiped the set list (and seriously pissed off a dude that I am fairly certain is her stalker. Really, he was WEIRD.), got autographs and photos take with them.
See! Eyes closed again! That's the set list I am holding up. What you don't see is the 40-something guy to the left planning to attack me in the parking lot to steal it from me.

Can you tell I was nervous? lol
Kate is a big deal. Watch the videos but even if you are not impressed by those, you must see her if you ever get the chance. If you are a music lover, you will be an instant fan.

Five second husband review:

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Saturday night I met up with Kiely again to see our favorite performer, Ben Folds. A lot of people probably know Ben from the song Brick that was popular in the 90's. Or if you have kids, you've probably heard him on the soundtrack for Over the Hedge.
I can't remember where I first heard BF. Probably the song Brick on the radio - a song I now hate. But every time I listen to him I am reminded why I will always be a loyal fan. Fifteen years from now, Izzy will be burying her head in embarrassment as we roll around town in our minivan and I am belting out Ben's version of 'Bitches ain't shit'. Or maybe his cover of Kesha's song Sleazy. ;) Really though, I hope that Izzy will appreciate his music as much as I do. But I remember how I resisted giving in when my mom first introduced me to Billy Joel and Elton John.

Ben's latest tour is to promote his new album Lonely Avenue. Novelist Nick Hornby wrote all of the lyrics and Ben composed the music. This might just be my favorite album so far. The one song I could listen too again and again is Picture Window. I prefer Ben solo - just him and the piano but I would love to hear this song with an orchestra. My other current favorite that never stops being funny is Levi Johnston's Blues.

Unfortunately I don't really have any photos from that show. About three hours before the show my daughter ran off with my camera and I couldn't find it. I took some awful cell phone shots but the LG VU isn't exactly a Canon Rebel. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention Ben's opening act Lady Danville. Again, I went in not really caring who they were but Kiely and I were wowed right away. I was ready to write them off because boys in skinny jeans just don't sit right with me. ;) They were so much fun though. I would definitely pay to see them as a headliner.

In case you needed more proof as to how awesome Ben is, the guy once did Chat Roulette live on stage! Kiely and I pray every time that he's do this at one of our shows. No such luck yet.