I've never cut Izzy's hair. I just have this thing...maybe a result of all the traumatic haircuts I had as a child (thanks mom). I just don't want to cut it. Ever.
While her hair is beautiful, it is somewhat unruly, uneven and annoying. Her current growth spurt must have included her hair because now I can finally do more than two ponytails with it.

This is my awful attempt at braids. You should see the back :P


Obviously I need some practice in the hair-do department. In my defense though, doing this kid's hair is like wrestling a greased up, pissed off alligator/pig/rabid bear hybrid beast. It's not fun, sometimes there is blood, there are always tears and the end result is somewhere between humorous and terrifying.

Now I'm off to Etsy to get some cute bows. :)