Best Christmas Ever.

Better late than never ;) that's my motto around here. Except of course when it comes to money and periods. Those must always be on time. har har har.

Best Christmas ever? Well, it didn't start out that way. Christmas Eve was pretty restless for me. My head hurt all night long and I kept waking up with this stupid cough I've had all week. Finally when I found sleep, I was awoken by my bladder. Damn you bladder for being the size of a nickel! Then fifteen minutes later I was woken again, at 445am, by Izzy. I still had a whopper of a headache and to add insult to injury, Izzy wasn't even awake to see what Santa had brought her. She was awake to watch Dora.

I could only come to one conclusion: Today is going to suck.

Thankfully after a few more Advils and like five cups of coffee I was finally feeling better. Let the Christmas frenzy begin!



Books were one of her favorite gifts.

But the laptop seems to be the big winner so far.

Christian picked this out and I didn't really know what it was about until he got it all set up. It has a USB port on it that you can hook up to your computer. You log on to the Leap Frog site and personalize the laptop with your child's name, music and even send emails. Its pretty cool! Izzy really likes her music library. The jazzy counting song is on her current playlist.


She also got some gifts from friends in far away places.

It was a Snuggie Christmas. Everyone but Izzy and the pets got Snuggies.

And of course Momma got some gifts :)
That's a zoom lens. I have no idea how to use it properly but I am super excited to learn.

This was taken from across the living room. All the way across the room!

Unfortunately, we forgot to get someone a gift.

We had one last big gift for Izzy but decided to wait until my parents arrived to give it to her. The arrived around 11am for brunch. I served bacon, apple streusel pancakes, hash brown casserole, scrambled eggs, juice, coffee and some other stuff I can't remember now.

After we were all sufficiently stuffed, we headed outside to give Izzy her big gift.



She absolutely loves her 'bike'. She is almost too big for it. But it was inexpensive and the plan is to save up and replace it with a bigger car for her 3rd birthday (*gasp!* 3rd birthday!). Then we'll hand this down to Maggie. Shh! don't tell her ;) 

After freezing off any slightly exposed body parts, we went back indoors to unwrap more loot.

My parents got special snuggies with monograms :P
IMG_7085b    IMG_7086b

This snuggie is Tuna approved!

And after everyone left, I got the best Christmas present. Snuggle time on the couch with my favorite girl.

The only thing that was missing under the tree was an addition to put all the new stuff in.


I hope everyone's holiday was as sweet as ours.