Some random stuff

Ok, so I have all these little things that I wanted to post about. But they aren't really worth making an entire post about. Also, I have an amazingly embarrassing story to tell. Like, atomic mullet doesn't even hold a candle to this story. It's pretty freaking bad. I am still cringing over this thing that I did. I have gone back and forth over whether I wanted to tell this story. Its so funny that it has to go down in history. But I need a buffer between atomic mullet and this story.

In the meantime, you all get a bunch of random crap that doesn't really have a place.
  1. We had a crap ton of snow AGAIN this week (pics to come). I hate snow. Like, if i could wish for a super power right now, it would be laser eyes so that I can go outside and melt all the snow in about two seconds.
    But what I do love is how much Izzy loves the snow. My favorite thing is when we ask her if she wants to go play in the snow and she says "I want to shobel" and she goes looking for her sand shovel. 
  2. I have recently discovered Forever 21. Now, I am way past the allowable age for shopping at F21 - and lets not even talk about how wearing any of the clothing wouldn't even be an option even if I was 21. But their accessories - OMG - stupid cheap. I bought this, this, this, this, these, these, and lastly, these. Honestly, the last two I will probably never wear and will end up giving them to my niece. But they were so cheap, I figure I can play dress up with them first. ;) So I highly recommend F21 if you like to switch it up a lot with your accessories.
  3. We went to Auntie Steph's house a few weekends ago and made cookies:
    I love Maggie's face in this pic. She's like 'WTF. Why is that other kid eating all my chocolate chippies and hoggin' my mom? You, with the camera. You wanna do something about that?'
  4. My blog design I've had for the past few months was done by my buddy Steph over at A Grande Life.
    It's funny, I'm a graphic designer, I could totally make my own layout. But I am so damn lazy. Thank goodness I have Steph. Do you need a face lift on your blog? Check out her design site: 

  5. I like to argue. Well, I like a fun argument. So I am really enjoying  The tapered jeans debate is my current favorite. I agree with Jenn but I voted for Kevin because he was funnier. 
  6. I've been working on some projects. This is the Clint Eastwood painting I finished recently. A friend of mine gave it to her fiancĂ©e for Christmas:
    This is something I am still working on. I am creating some caricatures for fellow blogger, Stephanie. This is what I have so far and the rest of the family is coming soon.
    steph sample   steph2

  7. I have been hell bent on completing my basement clean out by the time Spring gets here. I am a serious pack rat. Honestly, I think if I lived alone, I'd be one of those hoarder people you see on TV. Well - I don't believe I'd be living in my own feces or that you'd find mummified cats in my house. But I'd still have a crap-ton of crap.
    Anyway, I am throwing away, giving away and recycling A LOT of stuff. But I am also unearthing a lot of things I forgot I had and want to use or preserve for Izzy. Mostly photos and my old sketch books. Its funny, all this junk that I thought was so important to hang on to, it's been SO easy to throw away. Actually it's fairly exhilarating and freeing. I am loving the trip down memory lane though.
  8. My friend Jenni sent me this article the other day. It is quite possibly the sweetest thing I've read in ages. What does love mean to a 4 year old?  
  9. Back in the late 90's I worked in Philly at a home store called Platypus. I worked with a young woman, Christina, who was just....well she was cool. She did all the cool stuff I wasn't cool enough to pull off. Her hair was awesome, her clothes were bad ass, her make up was perfect. Oh yeah, she was totally my girl crush at the time. Even though I couldn't pull off the cool that made Christina, I could wear her nail polish. She wore Urban Decay's Litter. It was like she was wearing disco balls on her fingertips. UD no longer makes that color and hasn't for years. :( I have never been able to find another glitter nail polish that even comes close. UNTIL TODAY!!!!
    I stopped into Sephora at the mall today. I usually don't go in there because of Izzy and her grabby hands. But I wanted to treat myself to a new polish and there it was.

    It's not quite the same as Litter. Litter was a multi color glitter. But this gold is still pretty awesome. And it's not quite as thick as Litter - but a few extra coats will do the trick.
    Dear Sephora, Please call your friends at Urban Decay and ask them for the Litter recipe. People will buy it. I will buy two cases. Cross my heart! Oh god, I would cut off a body part to get one more bottle of Litter.

  10. I don't really have a #10 except to say that I hope you all have an awesome weekend!