Home sick with Daddy

Izzy isn't feeling well today and running a high fever. I feel so bad for her. She never has fevers. Never! But this morning she was absolutely burning up. Some Tylenol helped but she is still taking a trip to the doctor. She has a wet, raspy cough and her nose is running like crazy. The poor girl is just as miserable as she can be. I think she might have a sinus infection from her accident but the cough really worries me.

We always try to find a little humor in every bad situation. This is one time it's been very hard to do so. Izzy wasn't even this miserable when she was bitten by the dog. But C did IM to tell me a funny story before they left for the doctor and I thought I'd share it with you.

Daddy Brown:
omg i lost izzy in the house [keep in mind our house is very tiny]
i found her though

Momma Brown:
LOL how did you do that?

Daddy Brown:
she was supposed to be on the potty while i looked for her socks. so i called to her from the bedroom asking if she needed help she said no. finally i couldn't wait i had to go to the bathroom so i went in and she wasn't there.
i looked in the tub. nuthin
so i looked in her room. nuthin
i looked in the living room, nuthin
searched again. nuthin.
she parked her naked ass in her bed

Momma Brown:

Daddy Brown:
just lying there with a cover over her, except her head.

So if  you have some to spare, please send Izzy some good healing vibes. She is having a super rough week. We want our healthy, smiling girl back ASAP. And send Daddy Brown some patience vibes. I think he will need them today.

UPDATE: Well, its just a really nasty cold. The doctor says her injuries from the fall are not infected and will heal just fine. She just happens to have a cold w/ a fever at the same time. We're giving her Motrin and C says that she seems to be feeling better. I guess its nothing a few 100 episodes of Dora won't fix. ;)