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This week I have start with

The week started off okay. Nothing special, good, bad or otherwise. I kinda like it that way.
Then Wednesday came. Stupid Wednesday.

I even said on twitter that the day 'felt weird'. I couldn't put my finger on it but something felt off about the day or like something bad was going to happen. Well it totally did. The three of us went out for a walk on Wednesday evening. It was such a nice walk. The weather was nice, Izzy was in a playful mood. Then her feet got away from her and she did a face-plant onto the sidewalk. Oh man...I just couldn't move fast enough. I saw her feet tangle and I started to lunge for her and she started to go over and then BAM! Nose to the concrete.

The blood was just pouring out of ...well somewhere, I couldn't really tell. I thought for sure I'd get her home and she'd be missing teeth. Thankfully it was just a lot of really bad scrapes and some bruised gums. My poor baby, she sobbed for an hour.

You can see the carnage by clicking the band-aid below. I didn't want to post the pic out in plain view. Its really nasty looking and so sad. :(
Izzy had to spend the day with my mom because I don't have any personal time left at work until May. I felt so bad that I wasn't able to be with her today. I usually don't have many regrets about being a working mom. But at times like these, I wouldn't mind winning the Powerball so I could say goodbye to my job and just be with her all the time. Not to be all preachy-pants because I know being a stay at home mom is not an easy gig. But I hope those that have that coveted position of SAHM realize how fortunate you are to be able to stay home when your baby is sick.

To add insult to injury, I found out that my parents put down our family cat on Tuesday. Wednesday, the cat, was just a tad younger than God.
crusty ol' kitty.
We actually aren't sure how old Wednesday was but she was with us for about 20 years. In the last few years she was skin and bones but still thriving. And if you don't count the missing patches of fur and the occasional nap, face first, in her water bowl, she was still pretty spry for her age. Apparently though over the last week she went downhill quickly. She stopped eating and drinking and pretty much doing anything. So my parents decided it was time to let her go.
So she lived a good long life and of all the cats we've had over the years, she was always a favorite of mine. I'll miss you Wednesday-Kitty.

Can I tell you how much I love Erin Farrell? I've known Erin since high school but we were only ever acquaintances. But I've always known her to be a really sweet and thoughtful person so I was really happy to connect with her on Facebook a few years ago. Through that connection I found out that she  had become a professional photographer. After Izzy was born I asked her to come by and take some portraits of Izzy. 

I realize how vain this photo seems. 
"Oh theres meeeeee! (and then the baby)." 
It's the only one I could find online!
If you looked at Erin's Facebook page, time and time again you will see the words beautiful, amazing, stunning, talented, I love it. The accolades just go on and on and they are well deserved. Erin has gained a following not only because of her beautiful photos and obvious talent but thanks to her personality as well. Her gentle and kind nature shines through in every portrait. She is easy to work with and has a knack for helping even the most camera shy (me!) feel at ease in front of the lens. 

With her background in early childhood education, she is quick to charm children and get all the shots you never thought they'd sit still for.

One of the things I enjoy most about Erin's photography is her ever evolving technique. With every new session she posts on her site, I never cease to be amazed or gasp at the beauty or 'aaawwww' at the cuteness she has managed to capture. Erin will be taking our family photos for years to come and I look forward to watching her talent grow with our family.

How funny and disturbing is this picture. Love it!


The fat wonder woman blog is a collection of drawings from various cartoonists. I stumbled upon it a while back and was pleasantly surprised that I knew the owner of the blog, the incredibly talented Jamar Nichols. Jamar may or may not remember me (and if he does I suspect that it isn't fondly. ha!) but I do remember how insanely hilarious and talented he is. You should check out his other blogs too: Detective Boogaloo and The Jamar Nichols Blog to see more of his art.

Really, not much else needs to be said. Its highly addictive. You've been warned. If you sign up and get put on the wait-list, give me a shout and I can send you an invite.