Stuff I liked


I love art. Art is awesome. Art can also be stupid expensive. That's why I am loving this site 20x200. They offer a variety of sizes for each piece that is offered. The smallest size (usually around 10x8) is just $20. Prices go up from there. Their formula is pretty simple: (limited editions x low prices) + the internet = art for everyone.

My current favorites are these baby animal prints. How cute would these be in a nursery?


I really like to repurpose things or build onto an existing item so that it has a different function from its original purpose. This idea for ribbon storage is fab:

I already use empty baby wipe tubs and thread the ribbon through the dispenser but I think I am going to switch to this. 

This is another great idea:


Shirataki Noodles!
I love, love, love spaghetti. I could eat it almost every night. Now that I am on Medifast, that's a no-go. :( But with Shirataki tofu noodles, spaghetti is back on the menu! Each 4 ounce serving is only 20 calories! Lo-carb, no fat, taste just as good as real pasta. SOLD! Even if you aren't dieting, I would highly suggest you try these noodles.
Momiji Dolls

Random back pain and my shitty Ikea mattress....which is probably the cause for the back pain. I haven't been able to get fully upright since Monday afternoon. Thank god I found two left over percocets from some dental work I had last Spring. Momma Brown is sleeping good tonight!