Conversations with daddy/ Manic Mash Up!

We often ask Izzy who her best friend is. Its fun to hear her rattle off her list of friends and people in her life. Don't doubt for a second that these people not listed off in rank. I know she's still ticked off about time out if I end up in the middle or *sob* the bottom of the list on any given day. Ultimately though, her best friend is Dora the Explorer. Izzy can't get enough of Dora. Honestly, she needs a Dora intervention.
Photobucket<---- the devil

After all, Dora is a cute kid, she's smart, she teaches Izzy stuff and we can get her to do stuff like cleaning up her toys by saying Swiper is going to come steal her stuff. So I supposed an episode or two a day is okay.

But for her dad and I? Listening to Dora is probably right up there with spending a romantic weekend at Guantanamo Bay with relaxing sessions in the interrogation rooms.  We often wake up with the theme song in our heads. Sometimes, to alleviate our personal discomfort, we trick each other into getting the song stuck in the head of the person that is currently free of the torture. Usually this is done right at bed time. But my husband took the trickery to a new low one day and got me over Gchat.

Daddy Brown: Wanna hear something funny?
Momma Brown: sure

-- long pause as I anxiously await what must be the purest nugget of hilarity --

Daddy Brown: Imthemapimthemapimthewapimthemap IM THE MAP!
-- ASGDGYERBWGAK! MOTHER FHSDERAHW()*#$Q^@#^6769547%%!!!!!!!111!!!! --

Momma Brown: >:(  grrrrr

 -- long pause as I mentally prepare my defense in my upcoming murder trial--

-- weak --

Daddy Brown: That pack is bullshit. In all the fantasy books i’ve read and hours playing online and DnD [dungeons and dragons] i’ve never come across a bag like that.

Four things: 

1. I married a geek. 
2. Can’t argue with that. He’s right. That pack is bullshit.
3. Oh yes, I will get him back.
4. I wish Izzy liked the Wonder Pets more. I love their theme song. The phooone! The phone is riiiiinging!

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