Easter Bunny or Eat-your-soul bunny?

We met up with Aunt Stephie on Friday so the girls could have photos taken with the Easter Bunny. I was a little hesitant because in years past Izzy has not been keen on things like Santa and the Easter Bunny. But this year she seemed all gung-ho about it. She kept proclaiming that she wasn't scared, she likes Peter Rabbit and she was going to sit right on his lap. I would be happy if she just sat near enough to get them both in the same photo.

Maggie went first.

How stinking cute is she?

Izzy could hardly contain her excitement. She couldn't wait to get up there and see Peter. She was all  'Woooo! Bunny! F yeah I'm sitting on his lap!' Okay, she didn't say 'F yeah!' but that's how excited she was - she could barely keep her eyeballs in her head.

Oh it was such a grand attempt at being brave. But as we approached the bunny, the bravado faded and the nervous, terrified smile spread across her face. Before I knew what was happening I had 37lbs of screaming fingernails and teeth scaling my leg in an attempt to get away from a rabbit. It was reminiscent of a horror movie where a parasite jumps out and attaches itself to the face of it's victim, thereby suffocating the life out of them.
After I covered up the exposed left cup of my bra and pried Izzy's fingernails from the orbital bones of my skull I reluctantly moved on to Plan D. She wouldn't sit on, next to or near the bunny on her own, I was left with no other options.

Make no mistake, I am smiling in the photo but I am cussing in my head.
Happy Freakin' Easter.