Speechless Wednesday

Wordless won't cover it.


That's what I was when I saw this:

This is what the house looked like when I left in the morning:
I know, I know, not much better. But the house is a work in progress. A very long, drawn out, torturous work in progress.

A few weeks ago we discovered we had mold problems in this particular room. The windows in this room were leaky and with all the snow and rain we got this year - well, the dam broke. I knew my husband and my dad would be essentially gutting that wall down to the frame-work. But at some point they must have decided to go for broke and tear down the whole wall.
They did get the wall rebuilt by the end of the day but we still need to make it pretty and *gulp* do the other two walls (the interior wall is brick. No mold there!). We've also decided to nix the door (there is another on the front that you can't see in the pic) and put in another window. This room currently serves as a man cave/ playroom but will eventually become a third bedroom. No need for an exterior door. Christian and dad did a great job of rebuilding, we just need to finish it now.

So who wants to volunteer to come over and hold me while they tear out the other walls? Because I nearly had a coronary when I came home to that wall being torn out. Next time, we are getting new construction. This fixer-upper crap is for the birds. Oh and those birds, the ones that live in a nest in the gutter atop this missing wall, they weren't happy with project either.

Oh and I also had a personal victory this week. I overcame my fear of nailing stuff into the walls. I want to decorate my house so badly and I have all these lovely frames and shelves just waiting to be hung. But I am so afraid I will hang them crooked or with bad placement or put a giant hole in the wall. This weekend though, not only did I properly hang a print, I put up shelves. SHELVES!
This is in the kitchen/dining area. I thought it was appropriate since I'm not a great cook. ;) Actually, I love Mexican folk art and Day of the Dead stuff. So I plan on doing this small wall up in DoD art. Next up, hanging up frames in the living room. EEK!