Lessons on being awesome

So my friend Amy...what can I tell you about her? She is pretty much one of the most unique people I've ever met. And I mean that in a totally complimentary way. :)

Reasons why I think Amy is awesome:
- she loves art.
- she curses like a drunken trucker in a bar room brawl - but she does it in every day conversation.
- she loves wine almost as much as she likes cursing.
- she has white girl dreadlocks and I have to say, I've kinda always wanted to have them.
- not only does she love art but she is a talented artist as well

More than anything, she loves sharing art with other people. Amy loves art so much that she is now offering online courses. To celebrate the beginning of these course she is also giving away a gift certificate to skybluepink.com.

Do me a favor and go show Amy some blog love. I promise you - even if you aren't all artsy fartsy, her blog is still entertaining and worth checking out.