Missed Opportunities

I spent the evening packing up Izzy's winter clothes. In the process I also packed up some things that were mine as a child. Most she had worn at least once for a photo-op but I came across one item that much to my regret she never wore. It was a dress my mother made for me - one that I believe I wore on my first birthday. I knew it wouldn't fit Izzy as a dress but I thought I'd try it on her anyway. Maybe as a shirt? Unfortunately that didn't work out either since I couldn't get it buttoned in the back.

Nice smile, kid. Izzy has been experimenting with her smile. Given the opportunity, she will sit in front of a mirror and make all sorts of silly faces. Mostly though she will try on different smiles. It comes as no surprise to anyone in the family that she is a girly girl, just like her momma. She does her doll baby's hair, pretends to put on my make up and loves playing dress up. As you can see, she is quite the fashionista with her mini dress and light up Dora sneakers. :)

I'm bummed that I missed the chance to have Izzy wear this dress when she was a year old but we had fun trying it on anyway.