Mil Besos

He encontrado en tu amor,
la fe perdida,
Ahora tiene mi vida una razón.
No sé si fue el embrujo de tus ojos,
que le dijo a tus labios,
Róbale el corazón.

My friend Laura asked me to paint a portrait of her and her husband to celebrate their upcoming anniversary. After quizzing her on their style and things they enjoyed, I thought a Day of the Dead theme would be perfect for them. And it just so happens that DoD and Mexican Folk Art are my favorite styles of art. I really enjoy the freedom behind doing a piece like this. There's nothing technical about this style and it just allows you complete creative license. Nothing is off limits - especially when it comes to the color scheme. 

Happy one year anniversary, Laura and Perri. I hope you have many years of happiness together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to paint this for you.