I’ve been tagged by my bloggy friend, Pam, at Empty Nest. It's a fun little game of tag in which you get to answer some questions and tag your friends! Everyone who gets tagged must answer the following questions. READY?

Do you think you're hot?
"Hot." That word, in this context, cracks me up because I always think of this:

I am not the 'hot' type. But do I think I am sexy in my own way? Hell yeah! Have you seen me? I'm pretty damn fierce.

Upload a picture or wall paper that you are using at the moment.
Bebe giraffe!!!

When was the last time you ate chicken?
I think the more appropriate question is 'when is the last time you ate something other than chicken?'. I had chicken, feta and spinach sausage with dinner tonight. yummo!

The song/songs you listened to recently.
I use Pandora a lot so I'm always listening to something different. But my go to list always includes Ben Folds, Dar Williams, Adele, Patty Griffin, Kate Miller Heidke and lately the White Stripes. I didn't enjoy them when they first came on the scene but I have a new appreciation for them. Also, the soundtrack to Wicked. Dude, you should hear the show I put on in my car.

What were you thinking while doing this?
I was thinking that I can't wait to get back to playing Angry Birds after Iz is tucked in for the night. I am newly obsessed with the game (just started playing a few days ago).

Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
Oh haha people have lots of names for me ;)
Lets just list the nice ones. Kell, Kelly Kat, Kellster and my bff stephie often calls me Kelly Welly when she emails me :P

Tag blogger friends...
Stephanie at The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man
Stephanie at A Grande Life
Jenni at Jenni from the Blog
Censie at Building our Story
Laura at Who you are is enough

Who's listed as number one?
Stephanie at The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man. She is my partner in all things blogaliscious. We brainstorm together, collaborate and support each other in pretty much every aspect of blogging and beyond. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have her to chat with and pass the work days. She is also a lover of all things strange and unusual, just like me. Basically, she gets me. :)

Say something about number five?
Laura is one of the first Medifast people I started following on twitter. She is a Take Shape for Life Coach and also a Medifast user. She is a walking example of how this program can truly change your life. Laura is a truly special person. Despite dealing with MS she is always willing to lend an ear to anyone in need. Everyone should be so lucky to have Laura as a coach and a friend! (And her Pinterest boards are something fabulous.)

How did you get to know number three?
I met Jenni through a mommy message board. We've become even better friends since starting Medifast together. Every day I am so glad that I have Jenni to turn to when I want to dive head first into a vat of Ben & Jerry's.

How about number four?
I'm just getting to know Censie but she is part of my Medifast twitter family. She is a total sweetheart and always a huge support to everyone in the group.

Leave a message for number two?
Thanks for chatting with me all day every day. I will miss you when Ben is mobile and our gchats become infrequent and a thing of the past. Also, Relaaaaaaax. Everything will get done in its own time. Now that you are a mom of two, you can be assured of several constants in your life: sleepless nights, laundry, snotty noses, needy children (and husband) and a full DVR of shows you won't get to watch until you are 80. Just relax and enjoy the ride :) And please remind me of all these things when I am a mom of two in the future.

Ok girls, it's all on y'all now! Thanks to Pam for tagging me in this game. I had fun and I hope the new "It" girls do too. :)
So ladies: “TAG - YOU’RE IT!”