Take it off: Week 14


I don’t even know where to begin this week. So please excuse me if this post is a little messy. I am just beyond excited about some things that are happening right now. Let’s start with my weight. This was a good week - no, this was an awesome week. I stayed on plan 100% again this week except for having a drink with dinner on Saturday night. We’ll come back to that in a minute. Once again, my dedication has paid off. I lost 2lbs this week. I’ve made it to my 30lb goal. THIRTY POUNDS!!!!!!

I am so flipping excited about this - I can’t even tell you. When I look back at myself a year ago, I never could have imagined myself losing this amount of weight in such a short time. Even this past February, I would have laughed at you if you told me I would have been down 30lbs in a little over 3 short months.

And I am not the only one. I am not some Medifast anomaly that has a disclaimer following me around claiming ‘Loss Not Typical’. Just today on Twitter, two of my Medifast friends announced that they’ve lost nearly 40lbs in about 2 months! One fella has lost 60 pounds in 2 months!! (Congrats, ladies and gentleman!)

Hmm...maybe I am the anomaly since I am not losing quite as fast. But hey, my body is going to do what it wants to. I can only push it so hard.

My point is though, that this isn’t some impossible task that only a few lucky people achieve. It is completely possible to lose weight quickly and to do so in a healthy manner. It’s also possible to do it without turning your life upside down and making people around you crazy. (I’m looking at you, cabbage soup diet.) Fast, maintainable results are completely possible and typical on Medifast.

Ok, this is a totally crappy photo. But would you look at
that jawline!? I almost have one! I am down to two chins
instead of three!
Okay, so about that drink I had. I really, really, really,  really, really, really, really, really, really, miss drinking. Hmm...I *might* have an issue. Honestly, I don't drink a lot. But when I want a drink, I want it ten minutes ago. Before this weekend, I had only treated myself to one drink during my time on Medifast. Saturday was a no good, awful bad day and by the time we went out to dinner that night, there was no way I was skipping the booze. I fought with myself. Do I really want to do this? Then I remembered the fabulous Bethenny Frankel and her Skinny Girl margaritas. So I asked the waitress if they has a sugar free margarita mix. She said no, but they do make something called a Senorita.

Here is the recipe. But keep in mind that my numbers may not be entirely accurate and this is in NO WAY on the Medifast plan. However, if you are really hard up like I was, one of these drinks every now and then won't kill a whole week of being on plan like a regular margarita will.

10 oz. Clear (silver) Tequila 70cal/ <1g carbs
1 oz. Triple Sec 100cal/11carbs
4 oz club soda (or to taste) 0 calories/0 carbs
4 oz. Fresh Lime Juice 21cal/6carbs
4 oz. Sugar Free Simple Syrup (equal parts water and non-sugar sweetener 5cal/2carbs
Total: 196 calories/ 20 carbs

Since I knew this would be heavy in carbs, I chugged water for the rest of the night and skipped my last Medifast snack. I wasn't hungry anyway since I had all that water. :)

In all it was a pretty good week, diet-wise.

You want to hear about the other completely awesome thing that happened?

Once again, Medifast has brought another amazing opportunity into my life. They have generously offered to sponsor me, Jenni and Stephanie so that we can attend BlogHer. When I got the email from Renee at Medifast, I believe my (very unprofessional) response went something like this:



Please give me a few moments to compose myself and I will get back to you!

Oh my gosh, I am seriously about to cry.

Um. Yeah. **Embarrassed**

I cannot wait to go to BlogHer'11, meet up with lots of great bloggers and represent the Medifast brand. I am so very proud to be a part of this team. And I can't thank Medifast enough for the unbelievable opportunities they've brought into my life. I hope I can continue to meet their expectations as well as my own.

See you in San Diego, folks!

Week one: -7 lbs
Week two: -5 lbs
Week three: -1 lbs
Week four: -3 lbs
Week five: -0 lbs (maintain on vacation)
Week six: -2 lbs
Week seven: -1.6 lbs
Week eight: -1.5 lbs  
Week nine: -0 lbs  le sigh. damn gravity!
Week ten: -3 lbs 
Week eleven: -2 lbs
Week twelve: -1 lb  
Week thirteen: -1 lb
Week fourteen: -2 lb
Total: 30 lbs gone forever!

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*FTC  Disclosure: Medifast provides their products for my personal use for  free. I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning    their products.  All thoughts  written here are mine. I love complaining  so I would tell you if I didn't like something in  the program. :)

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