WW: Busy, busy, bIzzy

I'm so busy lately.

I'm working on a new painting for someone. I wish I could show you the progress so far. But she reads my blog and I don't want her to see it before its complete. I'm super excited about it though.

I'm feverishly planning for my trip to BlogHer'11. I want to get things done now so that I am not trying to prepare up until my flight takes off. I'm doing all the reading I can, trying to familiarize myself with the conference so that I am not completely lost when I get there.

And then I am just trying to live life in general. I've got to make sure I get my quality time in with Izzy and Christian. Then there is the every day home stuff, work and finding time to exercise. My days are very full lately but I am enjoying every minute of it.

Unfortunately though I've had the unforseen expense of taking on an assistant to help me stay on top of emails and blog maintenance. Can you believe it?


Thankfully she works in Goldfish crackers, back scratches and episodes of Dora the Explorer.